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PC Booster restored performance to a second PC in the kid's bedroom and saved me a bundle. Thanks

- G Mann, Delran, NJ

Awesome, the scan was quick and fixed PC in no time!

- Steve C., Atlanta, GA

I can now download from my camera again! thanks

- D Whitton, Little Rock, AR

Worked like a charm, really easy to setup and speed up my PC

- G Stein., NYC, NY

After I ran PC Booster the first time, it felt like my PC had a new lease of life!

- J Davies ., Houston, TX

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Are your IT Support costs ballooning?

Are Staff irritated with PCs that:

Is your IT support desk stretched to the limit? Worse still is your business still running when your computers are down?

Business users are increasingly making use of cloud and web based applications via their browsers. This temporary data, history and other downloads can compromise PC performance without regular maintenance

Extend PC Life by Two Years and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Computers slow as they age. They accumulate all sorts of clutter, downloads and errors from repeated use. This puts strain on the IT helpdesk, as more and more end users call up to troubleshoot PC problems and ask for upgrades or even new computers.

Total Cost of Ownership Per Year (Source: Gartner)

Slow computers can frustrate your employees, reduce productivity and lower morale, as well as increase IT support costs. This can affect your bottom line and increase the total cost of ownership of desktop and mobile computer fleet.

By taking a pro-active approach to desktop management with PC Booster, companies can extend the life of their PCs and reduce capital expenditure. According to Gartner, a well-managed computer can save up to 42% compared to unmanaged PC.

How PC Booster Benefits your Organization

PC Booster can help fix your PCs by removing the files and data that are slowing down your machine. Not to mention the countless other tasks that it can perform. It can increase your staff's productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line

  • Extend PC life by up to 2 years and reduce capital expenditure.
  • Create a more positive user experience by eliminating PC issues.
  • Reduce PC downtime and increase employee productivity
  • Provide relief and reduce IT Support costs for computers that have fewer problems.
  • Reduce power and cooling costs.


PC Booster has not only received great user reviews, but has won numerous awards including five stars and editor rating from leading authority download sites.

February 2012 - Tucows awarded PC Booster an outstanding rating

November 2011 - Findmysoft awarded PC Booster their highest rating for Game Booster Pro

January 2011 - Brothersoft awarded PC Booster their highest rating - Editor's Pick

January 2011 - Softonic awarded PC Booster an outstanding rating

January 2011 - Download3K awarded PC Booster a 5 star rating

December 2010 - PC Booster is awarded recognition by Microsoft with its prestigious Silver Certified Partner program

November 2010 - AV Booster and PC Booster are certified for Windows 7

Boost Your PC Speed Without Having To Do Anything At All

PC Booster can help speed up your PCs hassle free by:

  • Decreasing Windows startup time: your PC will be ready in no time
  • Improve memory usage: give your PC optimized and increased memory capacity so your staff can perform more functions faster
  • Optimize processing capabilities: watch your PC work faster than ever before

PC Booster can help your business by:

  • Increasing employee productivity levels: eliminate slow PCs that cause excess down time
  • Boost morale: eliminate and avoid stress caused by poorly performing PCs
  • Increase profitability: when you improve PC performance, employees have more time to do things now and not later.
  • Eliminate excess troubleshooting: give your tech support team a break by eliminating constant PC issues
  • Save cost on power: avoid increased energy bills due to poorly performing PCs

Eliminate your need to dish out hundreds of dollars for quick fixes, stop stressing out over an unpredictable PC, and don't give up! PC Booster is your answer to every problem your computer throws at you

Are You Losing Business Because Of Your Slow PCs?

Are the employees in your office bother and upset with PCs that:

  • Start up only after they've gone for the morning coffeee run?
  • Take forever to run new software?
  • Shut down or freeze up for now apparent reason at all?

According to a study done by Intel, the average time that users spend waiting for their computers to perform common every day actions is 13 minutes. Imagine what it would cost if every one of your employees spent this much time every day sitting around doing nothing. 13 minutes times 5 days times 52 weeks in a year would equal roughly 3300 hours per year, per employee.

Calculate the opportunity cost for each employee by multiplying that number by their hourly rate and then total up that amount for all employees and you'll be able to see how much you're paying for your employees to wait for their slow PCs to work.

Seems pretty outrageous?

With PC Booster you can extend PC life by up to 2 years, reduce capital expenditure and create a more positive user experience throughout your organization.

Are You Wasting Hard Earned Dollars On Bloated Electricity Bills?

While the cost of computer equipment has fallen over the years, the cost of conventional power has risen dramatically.

Businesses are spending too much money on PCs that waste electricity because they:

  • Have PCs that run inefficiently which use up excess amounts of electricity
  • Have to constantly keep their offices cool because of excess heat given off by poorly performing PCs

See the problem of slow PC performance isn't just with the PC itself. PCs that run inefficiently can cause other issues that ultimately cost your company's bottom line.

When your PC has to work extra hard to process information as it is not fully optimized and is cluttered with errors, it pulls excess power in order to work at maximum capacity and keep itself cool. This inadvertently costs more money for your company and increases greenhouse emissions. This problem can easily be solved by using PC Booster.

Industry Awards & Accolades

PC Booster products and company have received numerous industry awards and accolades from various software media sources.

PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2012

PC Booster.7 receives the Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine again as the "PC tune-up utility champion" that provides "the most improved performance of all the tune-up utilities tested".

Awarded by PC Magazine

PC Magazine's Best of the Year 2010

PC Booster selected as one of 80 top products from hundreds of reviews conducted by PC Magazine in 2010.

Awarded by PC Magazine

PC Magazine Editor's Choice

PC Booster received the Editor's Choice as the "new PC tune-up utility champ" that "bested all utilities in performance and installation flexibility"

Awarded by PC Magazine

Government Computer News Reviewer's Choice

PC Booster earns Reviewer's Choice award, for an unprecedented second year in a row

Awarded by Government Computer News

Chip Test Center Recommended

PC Booster Professional 9.5 earns the "Chip Test Center Recommended" award for being "a superior product both in terms of usability and features."

Awarded by Chip (India)

And this is the 10th tab.

"The program PC Booster has done wonders at helping me to optimize the performance of my computer. The live tech support has been instrumental in helping me resolve issues that my Virus software and numerous other programs could not accomplish. At one point, I even got disconnected and they called me back to re-connect! Talk about service! Thanks PC Booster and thanks to Brian who helped make my experience one I will be sure to share with others."

By Stan Carlock
May 17, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"Very nice and effectant analyst I have ever had!! He fixed and worked and was very polite and patient with me...Awesome experience!!"

By Rhonda Hernandez
May 3, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"When my PC was running slow, I contacted the experts at PC Booster to optimize my system. Brian helped me personally with my issues. He was very thorough, and I was left assured that my problems had been completely resolved. My system performance is much faster.Brian with PC Booster was very knowledgeable and helpful. Normally, I am left feeling that other tech support wasn't thorough enough, but I am confident that Brian left no stone unturned.

I will recommend this product to any and every one."

By James West
Jun 24, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"I was about to get another computer but then I decided to explore the internet to see if there was an online solution and I stumbled upon PC Booster. I received amazing service and now my computer works like new. Good job."

By Valerie Walters
Jun 7, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"I was so nervous about trying this but it was a good experience with a great technician that kept me informed through the whole process. I would most definitely recommend to family and friends."

By rosemary mchugh
Jul 15, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"I purchased the PC Booster software to help my system run better, faster, more efficiently because I knew my computer was not acting normal. I started a chat with Victor, a professional representative and he provided support and made sure to go far and beyond expectations. Victor went the extra mile to make sure my system performance was restored to its best while providing great customer service.

I would recommend this to all my friends and family."

By Javier Reyes
Jul 29, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"Although I had restored my laptop to factory settings, I was still having trouble with IE and slow speed. Then I started getting the Blue Screens. I knew I was in trouble so I tried several free and pay programs, but still had major issues. I found and tried PCBooster's free scan and was astounded with the issues it found. I was immediately was connected to a live technician, Victor. and was amazed at all the trash he found. In no time, my computer was restored, speed improved and I was just so grateful for all the assistance I received in such a respectful and courteous manner. This service is available 24/7 day or night.

I will definitely keep my service ... it is so nice not to have to take my PC to a giant store and wait days and pay outrageous fees, or have a stranger come in my home. Everything thing I need is available through this service and you will definitely not work with a more courteous and helpful technician like Victor. I am so happy with the service I received."

By Kim Holmes
Jul 28, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"The analyst here are the best of all. I will really recommend them to all who have any sort of system issues. I believe they can fix all system issues. The fixed all my major issues of screen locking and screen size issues.

It all happened in just no time and my system is now much faster than before.

Thanks for PC booster support"

By James Kalkes
Aug 6, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"I appreciate what PCBooster has done for my computer and its past poor performance. Thank you to the PC Booster company and its employees! Good Job!"

By Customer
Sep 1, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

"I'm a happy customer. Good job Nancy!"

By Jed
Sep 1, 2012 - TRUSTPILOT

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