Why Live Support?

Help! My PC Is Way Too Slow!

Have you begun to notice a performance level in your PC that would suggest that perhaps you bought it a long time ago, even though you may have only bought it a year ago? If you’re seeing a drastic decrease in the performance level of your PC, then you might certainly be experiencing some of the common issues that many people experience on a day to day basis.

There are a number of things that could be going on in the background of your PC and you don’t even know it. Here are some of the more common issues that you could be experiencing with your PC

– Registry Errors: As your computer ages it begins to collect more and more clutter, so to speak. Basically what this means is that as you use your PC, you most likely add more and more programs, files and data which does a few different things to your PC. One, it takes up memory. Two, errors can occur if the installation of programs do not work correctly. Three, you can have old useless data that is either invalid or no longer used for anything, but still referenced within your registry. Registry errors begin to occur when these types of issues occur.

– Slow PC Startup Time: You might start to notice that it takes longer and longer for your PC to start up in the morning when you first turn it on. This issue can take place for a number of reasons. You might have an excess amount of programs and services running during the startup process that consume valuable system resources which should be used for other programs and services that have a higher priority. Sometimes when you install a new piece of software, it is developed in a way that automatically adds it to the list of programs that load on startup. You may not have wanted this to happen, but it did without you even knowing it. You might also be presented with the option during the installation process of having the program start when Windows is started. If you see no need for the program to start on Windows startup, then it is generally recommended that you don’t set it to start at that time.

– Slow PC Response: As more and more programs are installed, and more data is saved to your PC, potential slow down opportunities can increase. Slow PC startup times can be caused by underlying registry errors as mentioned above, and they can also be caused by inefficient system resource usage due to poorly utilized memory and inefficient processing.

– Random Freeze Ups: This can also be a very annoying issue to have to deal with because you probably have no clue why it happened in the first place. It just all of a sudden happens. There usually is a good explanation for these types of errors and it may be due in part to the underlying issues mentioned above. Registry errors are typically a leading cause in random PC freeze ups, as well as inefficient processing due to memory fragmentation.

I Don’t Know How To Fix These Issues!

Fixing PC issues isn’t always the most enjoyable task and sometimes can be down right impossible, especially if you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into. Half the battle of fixing common issues such as those mentioned above is being able to find the time to do so, and then knowing or discovering the proper steps for repairing them so you don’t experience the same symptoms that they create over and over again.

Registry errors are one of the more complex issues that need to be addressed with extreme care because of the importance of the information that is found within this huge database. The registry contains all of the important information about system settings, preference settings, configuration settings, application settings, and just about anything else system related that you can think of will be found in the registry. Any mistakes made during the repair process could cause major issues with PC stability and reliability. That is why it is so important to back up your registry when implementing any kind of changes to this area of your PC.

There are many individuals that are simply not comfortable with fixing PC issues on their own because they may not be knowledgeable enough about PCs in order to do so, or they’re just not comfortable enough to know that they will make the right decisions and not cause further damage to the PC. In these situations, many people will seek professional help either through a tech support team or through a bundle software package that is designed to fix these types of problems.

Since I Can’t Do It Myself, Can You Help?

If you’re not comfortable with trying to fix PC issues yourself, or you simply don’t have the time to do it on your own, then you’ll want to turn to help from the professionals. Typically people who are experiencing PC problems will look for some type of software package that will help fix the issues that they are experiencing.

Don’t Fall For The Other Guy’s Deceiving Ways

Sometimes individuals are mislead by many software programs that claim to be able to fix all of their problems in a snap, or they’ll make claims of having the most successful issue resolution rate and will even go so far as to display charts and graphs containing fixed results about the success rate of their products. In many cases, software packages that are created for these types of issues will inflate errors to the point where they seem critical, but actually they are very minor problems that really don’t need to be fixed in the first place. They will do this in order to make the issues seem more critical than they really are in order to show potential customers how good their software is at tackling the really tough problems.

In reality these types of programs may only be tackling issues on the surface and may not be capable of getting down to the root of the some of the more complicated problems. In cases were you have these surface issues that’s fine, however chances are that there are underlying issues that need to be fixed. In this case unfortunately it does you no good because if you cannot get down to the deepest levels of the issue and find the source of what’s cause your PC problems, then you won’t be able to completely eliminate those pesky errors and you’ll keep experiencing them time and time again. Today there are many programs out there who claim to be able fix your issues, but are simply not able to dig down as deep as they claim and are not doing their customers any good. Putting it straight, sometimes there are no miracle 2 minute cures that other programs claim to offer and you need the help of a professional.

Sometimes You Just Need A Helping Hand, Literally!

Once you’ve established the fact that you can’t fix the PC issues that you are experiencing on your own, or you just don’t have enough time in your day to tackle the issues yourself, then you’re going to have to make the decision of letting someone else help you. You will probably look for an all-in-one package solution to help fix the issues, but there is something rather important that you must keep in mind here. The software package is a great tool, don’t get me wrong, but in many cases the software package is only as good as the person that is running it. If you have very little knowledge of PC errors and are never really sure you know what you’re doing when you’re running the PC repair software that you downloaded, then chances are you could not as effective at tackling the problem as you could. Human error is often times one of the leading causes of many of the common PC issues that are experienced day in and day out. The point is that a PC repair software program can claim to be able to solve all of your problems, but when it boils down to it you need to be able to properly run the software in order for it to be successful at fixing your problems. You don’t want to create more issues by not running the software correctly. If you do not understand how to use the software, or are not confident enough to run it properly on your own, then you will have to seek help from an actual professional that can assist you in the process of running the software to fix the errors you are experiencing.

Support Like No Other

Sometimes the best solution for fixing PC issues is to let the professionals do it for you. The only problem with this is that it usually gets expensive. You may not want to incur that type of cost to fix especially if you only paid a few hundred dollars for your PC in the first place. This is one of the reasons that many consumers turn to all-in-one PC repair packages. Overall they are less expensive than hiring a professional PC repair specialist.

PC Booster is taking support for their customers to the next level and total revolutionizing the world of PC repair software. As mentioned before, sometimes it’s just better to let the professionals fix the issues for you rather than doing it yourself and potentially causing more problems than what you started with. Well, the reason you bought the all-in-one PC repair software is because you don’t want to pay too much by using the local tech support guy. So how is PC Booster helping to solve this issue? Live support, that’s how. Now when you purchase the all new PC Booster software bundle, you also get the huge benefit of having unlimited live support at your very fingertips. You now have the option of letting a professional fix your PC issues for you without having to deal with the large bill that you would normally receive if you went down this route through other services.

In most cases PC Booster will fix those irritating slow downs and crashes by itself. However if your not comfortable with that then when you purchase the PC booster software package, you get the added benefit of having a live support team ready and waiting to help you with your issues. There is no additional cost for this; it comes as part of the deal. You don’t have to use the live support option if you don’t need or want to, but in the situation where you’re not comfortable running the software on your own or you’re not 100% certain that you’re going to be able to fix the issues, it’s definitely nice to have.

So How Does The PC Booster Live Support Work?

Live support is very advantageous when it comes to fixing certain types of PC errors because you can basically hand over your PC to a professional without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. PC Booster offers unlimited support to its customers and has the built in capability that allows a professional PC repair specialist to take over your PC, with your permission of course, and run the necessary utilities within the PC Booster suite to eliminate the common PC issues that you are experiencing. With the click of the mouse you can have someone logged onto your system with you in order to fix the issues on your computer. All the while you can sit back and enjoy the show. This is made possible by the technology that is built into the program which allows the PC Booster live support team to remotely log onto your computer by using your IP address. Once they are logged onto your machine, they can essentially perform all of the same activities that you can perform when you’re using your PC, without having to physically be at your machine. It’s 100% safe and you have control at all stages. Once the support team are finished fixing your PC they disconnect from your system and cannot access it again unless you specifically allow them to.

It’s Like Having Your Very Own Technical Expert 24/7

At PC Booster, we help PC users to secure, protect and fix their PCs and combine it with our next generation expert hands-on remote support to provide a personal level of care like no other.

We take out the confusion and hard work of troubleshooting your stubborn PC problem. We do all the hard work for you while you sit back and relax. It’s fast and easy and available at no extra cost with PC Booster

The Benefits of Live Support

When you utilize the unlimited live support capabilities of PC Booster you are essentially eliminating the risk that you might cause further issues with your PC because of your lack of experience with dealing with technical PC issues. The fact is that sometimes people make mistakes, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it when it does happen. Live support can give you the option to avoid making mistakes yourself, and allows PC Boosters team of professionals to handle the issues, because after all they’re the pros and they have the experience needed to help you get your PC running more quickly and efficiently than ever before.