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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Problems Solve in one touch of a Button with 24 Hour live support.

PC Booster is a great program to have, the support and the great prices they offer is a benefit in todays economy. I have had the best customer service in a long time, they even log in remotely to assist you with daily issues. I really recommend this for any one that would enjoy working with no issue and the system runs fast. Thank you PC Booster for making our lives easier especially when homework is due with deadlines. They have several packages to fit your needs. You are awsome!!!!


By Sylvia Rendon

Excellant service and very knowledgable

Called to ask a question and found I had many problems with my PC. Service and knowledge way above what I expected great company.

By Andy DeMarco

Very helpful and friendly. Excellent service

I very much appreciate the service I received from the representative. Very professional.

By Bradley Deaton

Totally satisfied

My computer is working much better thanks to the awesome tech support team.

By George Bowman Jr

Had An Excellent Experience with PC Booster!!!!

My 2-3 year old computer was slow and lagging. I purchased the PC Booster Suite today and it was one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

A Support Analyst helped me this evening. They were extremely patient and helpful. I am a computer novice and they made complex tasks look very simple. My computer had software that I didn't need or was not using. It was taking up memory space and slowing my computer down tremendously. I recently increased my internet speed because my computer was so slow. Now I realize it wasn't my internet, but my computer.

They explained it simply to me. My computer is like my car. It was to be regularly maintained for it to be reliable. I hadn't done that since the day I bought it.

Their product is great, but their customer service is even better. You owe your computer and yourself the PC Booster experience!!! These folks know what they are doing!!!!!!!

By Ronald Rodriguez


i bourght PC BOOSTER today friends,,, and i thought it was not doing the job it was supposed to be doing,, soo i got intouch with the support team,, i got a wonderful person called victor,, who asked me what was wrong,, i told him that i was having problems getting rid of all the problems on my laptop and PCBOOSTER didnt seem to be doing its job,,, anyhoo,,, he asks permission to take over my laptop,,, and then for the next three hours this wonderful man fixed my laptop,,,, he found all the problems and let me tell you people,,, I HAD ALOT,,, i mean ALOT,,,of problems on my PC and bit by bit he fixed my laptop ,,,, NOW it is running 100 times faster,,, and i cannot tell you how much this means to me,,,, i wish to god i had bourght PCBOOSTER A LONG TIME AGO,, especially the excellent service it provides for it customers,, and they are so polite,, and friendly,,, i am so glad now that i purchase PCBOOSTER,,, and if you want your PC/laptop to end up in tip top conditon then this is the product to buy,,, thank you victor for all your kind help and HARD WORK tonight that you did on my laptop,,,, YOUR THE BEST...

By Mary Dee

Great was treated wonderful

andrew went way beyound to give me great and worked several hours to speed up my pc it was a mess very slow thank u so much and thank andrew

By Tigert Joseph

Freezing solved!

My laptop have had freezing for sooo many times enough I have about to be so close call to throw 2 years old laptop away in the trash! However, thank to PC Booster Tech Support were able to solve the big issue I had with my laptop.

By Patti Comstock

Excellent service and expertise

Thank you for the hours you spent attending to the many problems with my computer. Having this fixed while I am in the comfort of my home makes the experience even better. I highly recommend PC Booster!

By Luther Philaya

FANTASTIC SERVICE great program and Techs

My system was slow ,PC BOOSTER helped identify the problems and their expert technicians, did the rest, it is truly worth while . Now my system works as new, I can recommend them to anyone . Thanks for a very professional service.

By Joseph Goldstein

They resolved my problem quickly.

My computer was running extremely slow. I contacted customer care to see why PC booster was not taking out some of the issues. There was a bigger problem on my computer that had existed before I purchased PC booster. With the great help of my analyst the problem was resolved very quickly and efficiently. Thank you all for your wonderful help in getting this problem resolved and making my computer run a lot faster.

By Dawn Hayes Cochran

PC Resurrected!

My pc was operating @ 97% of my memory and the usage level was thru the roof. Thanx to Victor @ PC Booster, I now have a lightning quick pc again...just like new!!! I would recommend this technician & this software to anyone w/ pc problems!

By Daniel Paul Jensen


I contacted pc booster and found out my computer was in bad shape. the tech starting working on it and now it runs like new. i am very happy with the results and will recommend you to friends and family. tech was very professional and did an outstanding job fixing my problems. thank you once again Victor

By Ronald Morrison

Wonderful customer service!

As I was struggling with install issues, my customer service rep jumped right in and finished it for me. Not that it was hard to install, just had computer issues on my end. Nancy was able to fix ALL of the issues and now the computer will work like new! Excited to put on my other computers in the household! Thank you!!

By Dana Cebolski

Super happy with PC Booster personnel

I could not get Booster to load. Assistant not only loaded for me, but assisted in cleaning up my PC so it would be more efficient. Super job. Very coopersative and easily understood...As weel as very patient with a guy who is not PC knowlegable.

By Michael W. Palmer

Great program export Technicion

I already did :) am telling them about my experience and how great the service was and am was very happy about the result and how fast you could reach the technician very easy and reachable very supportive

By Yassmeen El Sham

Nancy Shur was amazing

I cannot believe the amazing service I got from Nancy Shur, she helped me so much it was unbelievable, I will never forget this amazing service I got from her. I am so happy with my service from her, thanks so much Nancy Shur

By Traci Phebus-serrato

PC is repaired and working great!

PC Booster worked 5 plus hours on my laptop and now has it free of viruses and working fast. Thank you P C Booster!!

By Patty Johnston

You guys are bloody legends! help at anytime!

I have had help from Victor and he has helped me so much,doing things that have not been done to this pc before,i can alredy tell that it is making a diference and i would recomend him to anyone!!

By Daniel Van Der Laan


This program is the best program that i have ever tried and i have tried a lot to many it has wonderful prizes they will fix youre problems my computer was slow it had spyware,virus you name it it had everything and they fix it they really do,I never give comments on anything but on this program i had to because thats a way of saying thank you that i really appreciate the hard work they did ,YOU WILL BE SATISFIED WITH THERE WORK THANK YOU JENNIFER !!!!!

By Yasmime Pastenes

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