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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Excellent service. I didn't have to do a thing-Keep up the great work :)

I am so glad that I subscribed to PC Booster. I will recommend it to everyone I know :)

By Kathy Mardis

I am completely satisfied with the service provided

I would recomend this service to anyone that was in need anytime.

By James Roach

Broken and slow no longer!

I have two PC's, both laptops, and one recently died on me and I had to do a full system restore. One of the programs I'd been using prior to the PC's "death" was PC Booster and I needed to call their 800 number in order to resolve a technical issue I was having. The technician quickly fixed the problem and observed that the pc was quite slow and suggested a tune-up would likely resolve the issue. I agreed and was pleasantly surprised by the dramatic overall improvement after he had "done his magic", so to speak. I cannot overstate how happy I was, and am, with this service.

By Joe Russell

Absolutely satisfied

I was having multiple issues with installing pcbooster, just couldnt get it to work. That is until I used the gotoassist. he/she helped me step by step to get it installed and working properly. I would like to say thank you and I am most definitely satisfied.

By Gregory Schmitt

Highly knowledgeable and hospital individuo

Super Skilfull and, worth every penny of it!,,,,i so happy i got this kind of professional help..Amazing! thank you!

By Alberto Mendez

Faster then new and Support Tech Nancy Shur is the best ever.

My computer is faster then when it was new. Actually It is only 3 weeks old. I-7 with 12 GB Ram. I operate 3 monitors and if I had not let the support tech Nancy Shur fix my computer I would never know how fast it really is.

If you need a tec ask for Nancy Shur.

By Isela Uribe

Excellent job

pcbooster i would tell my friends about.the yech was very patient nd did afntastic very satisfied. thank you gain

By Carol Goodlin

These guys are AWESOME!

I was helped by these guys, who did not stop until my troubled pc was fixed. I felt like a customer they cared about an not just someone they were trying to push their products too. I would recommend them to anybody, great costumer service!

By Pau Lastarria

You guys and girls are the best

believe it or not i have already told someone about the great work you have done so the word is out

By Cathy Eaton

I am SO glad I found this place!

I had really messed up my netbook, and stumbled onto pcbooster- Andrew spent an entire afternoon working to clean up my mess. Its faster, clean of viruses, and works like new again. I can't thank you enough Andrew!!!!! GREAT WORK !

By Kathie Scott-Preston

The PCBOOSTER expert helped me to clear my PC with significant speed.

There is no doubt that PCbooster is a great software to speed-up my PC and also its team workers are expertise in cleaning all malwares, viruses etc. I'm completely with all their services.

By Manoharan Mariappan

VERY SLOW but now fast like when new.

These guys really know their stuff..Thanks guys.

By Bill Stagner

Super Service!

Your support and services were amazing! Star quality! A very through performance. My system is working great.

By Dorothy Guyaux

Very fast and detailed

my experience was a great one. They followed through with getting my computer running great again. Can't say enough good things. thanks so much

By Beverly Burton

Help out with simply great instruction.

I was every happy that she was talking to me about my computer, what was a worm or malware.I am still leaning the computer and she was a great help.Thank -you every much Sandy.

By Sheila McTaggart


now I feel safe every time I use the internet because I have pc booster. my computer runs right on point these guys know their computers and when my computer gets bad I know pc booster can fix it so im good for the next three years

By Davontae Cortez Morris

This service was very helpful.

My experience was great. Fast and effective.

By James C. Eastman

Fantastic service with a great technician!

My computer was running slow and I didn't know how to fix it. With the help of a very friendly technician, I learned that I had many more problems that what I thought. After going through the clean-up phase, my computer is running much faster! This is one product that I can most assuredly recommend to my friends. Thanks so much for helping me.

By Kathy Butler Davis

Your alls company is the best and i would ask anyone else to work one anything but you.

this company has done so much for me that thanking them dosent bare to scratch the serfice. they work so hard and so long to get the job done. they are incredibule. I recommend them to anybody. they rate a 10 out of 10. they are ausome!!! a person could not ask for better service. you all are a #1. I would be proud to call them friends and family. thank you so very much for your outstanding work. sencerly: Rebecca teter

By Rebecca Teter

I am impressed with the service and support received and will recommend it to my family members and friends

Your the best!! My PC is again running like a Swish watch. THANKS.

By Hy Ekelenburg

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