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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Awesome Tech Support - would recommend to my friends

After taking my pcl to the local computer shop three times for service, my computer was still running horrible. One incident report with PC Booster and the technician had my computer running MUCH better. Thank you PC Booster.

By Kathy Elliott

Great service!!

PC booster reset and restored my computer like new!! their the shizz-nenit !!

By Teresa Beard

Great service

I did get my my computer running like new its true they can bring it back like new u can trust them w little money they r really cool in this company special peter he work throw my laptop for 3 hrs until he got it running like I just bought it yesterday thanks im happy w my new laptop:)

By Mohamed Lashin

Oustanding service for PC Booster

My computer was so infected with malware, Trojans, and viruses it was almost unusable. The technician at PC Booster worked diligently and removed all of my problems. My PC works like new. My computer was working so slow that I considered buying a new PC.

I was very impressed by the results. PC Booster is going into my favorites so I can access them quickly. I will also tell all of my friends and associates.

By Theresa Rodriguez

This was a great experience and tool for me to use.

I was kept well informed of what was going on and asked permission before anything was done. This is something that I could never have done by myself and I didn't even know I had a big problem until I was told. The price was good and the help was great!

By Jim Daniels

I am satisfied with the service I got

I faced a lot of problems with my computer since I bought it from the store; I really didn't know what to do and had to reinstall my windows for a couple of times; I decided to purchase the PCbooster service and see if I can resolve my problem; I went through some stages and finally and upon my agreement was signed up to the Go Assist Section; I told the Analyst I wanted my PC for the day after and the analyst kindly and patiently resolved the problem for me cleaning up all registry issues. The Analyst also and despite the fact that he/she was done with my case took some further steps for me and fixed many more applications and settings for my PC. I am totally satisfied with this service.

By Sara Nasrollahian

I Will give this person 10 stars of superb services

I was impressed with this person services, Polite, Responsive, and did a superb job, I would encourage all to allow this person and this company a chance. luke rummell

By Luke Rummell

Will tell everyone what a great job was done fixing my computer

if your having trouble with your computer you need to get pc booster they are great

By Christine Reeves

This was an excellent experience! i have my pc back!

I fully reccommend this company to anyone who was experiences problems with their pc. I was to the point of total frustration. My pc works like new again. I can't thank PC Booster enough!

By Danielle Carr

PC Booster took the reins when my PC was going to take a dive!

Hey friend you say your PC is slow and freezing well then call PC Booster to get it running great again! They get in there and fix all the problems you have and get it up and running like new. I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

By Lissa Senatra-Berhenke

To the point service. Questions resolved.

Professionally handled my current computer problems. Answered questions completely and did what was requested. The best on-line service I've ever experienced. The bar has been set very high with today's session.

By Anthony D B Jones

Outstanding !!! Very Professional, patiant, helpful , knowledgeable, a great experiance and product.

after downloading PC Booster , I contacted the support line to help register the software. Not only did they help with registering the product the tech spent the better part of two hours going through my PC and correcting every error and cleaning up the registry and tweaking the PC so I get the best productibity out of it. The service was A+++ and I highly recomend the product to anyone who needs help optimizing their PC.

By Frank A. Mocerino Jr.

Customer service and maintenance work.

As far as service goes: They worked for literally hours and hours to completely clean out my laptop. He/She asked to make sure which software I was and wasn't using before cleaning. I'll need a few days to play with it to get a feel on how much better my laptop really is, but based only on maintenance workers it was 5 stars. Thanks!

By Chris Glessman

The support person I had to help me was very help full

The person that I had to help me was very helpful he fixed all of my problems with my problem.

By Robert Bragg

He was wounder full and help full.

The PC guy help me upload my files and he can clean up your computer to jut log on to clean my PC and they do the rest.

By Martha Johnson Whitfield

Real help for computer problems with real people to help

cannot be pleased more!!!! my computer had so many errors and was a turtle in speed before, after, the errors were gone and my start up and web browsing speeds were so much better, thank you so much pc booster and customer support rep Victor!!!!

By Chuck Hammonds

I feel like I got my money's worth...very good experience.

Had a bunch of problems, couldn't get anywhere on the net without the computer freezing I googled help and found PCBooster...signed up, and got immediate service from Sam...very good experience. And I was given advice on what not to do so I can keep my computer in better shape in the future...

By Felise Visnic


Everything was taken care on computer at a reasonable price and didn't take too much time at all. Better than taking it in for an entire weekend.

By Ruben Duran

What a relief, my computer was painfully slow!

They seem to have done a thourough job, it took many hours but that may be because I had nearly 40,000 corrupt files and many software applications that needed to be uninstalled. They offered extended services at the end and this goes far to make up for the unexpected time it took to complete the job. They were polite and responded in a reasonable time frame. I would recomend them to friends with the knowledge that it can potentially be a long process. Also lost remote access connection and struggled getting that re-established but once that was completed things moved along well.

By Billie Androsky-Wendt


Dont know my helpers name but they were very very cool to fix up my lap y top so i can use it again THANK you P.C. Booster Peeps! Ya Done me GOOD11 LOL!

By Kristy Kenyon

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