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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Very worth while

This has been an excellent sevice to use and am very pleased with the outcome due to experiencing no end of problems.

By Emma Mais

The technicians were absolutely amazing.

I am very satisfied and your technicians have earned pc booster a customer for life and i will tell everyone i know how helpful they were, You will come highly recommended every time i mention my computer your name will be mentioned. i am not very good on the computer, but it is very important to my family. i pay all of bills online and my girls would be lost without it, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

By Shannon Crafton

Great at home service! back in business!

I would recommend this service to any one. I was in such need and my computer was a terrible mess. PC tech took a great deal of time to repair all issues. We chatted throughout the process as the tech was interested in fixing all my computer problems. it was easy for me to sit back, watch them work on my system and now I'm back in business.

By Melvin Dakota Andrews

Excellent service all the way,gentleman was very courteous and work with alot of patience to complete the task

I would reccomend this service to anyone who would like a truly professionally and outstanding work. The tech took alot of time and patience to resolve the proble! I feel like I have a new PC now thanks to him.ik would use this program anytime and I will tell my friends they have to try this product...Thank you sooo much for your help and GOD BLESS!...Jimmy Dean

By James Dean

Great service, professional, would recommend to my friends

my both of my pc's are faster than ever i don't have to get another pc. Thank you

By Hayati Camlica

Great service, professional, would recommend to my friends

Used PCbooster for the first time, and they cleaned up my PC and it performs much faster

By Carol Hake

Very efficient.....outstanding. knowledgable beyond the norm.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give my technician an 11+ I will recommend PC Booster to anyone that has an issue that needs solving, without fear of being proven wrontg.

By James Vogelsang

Superman to the rescue

Very pleasant experience getting my really messed up computer running smoothly again. Thanks for thecasll backs and your assistanmce.

By Mike Cowen


from a nightmare to a dream ! We could not be more pleased with the attention given .Excellent result and service.

By Lisa Fuhrman

Great Service

I am very glad to have had the great help of sandy in getting my computer rid of the malware and worms that it accumulated and fixing my other problems on my computer. I hope that I will not need any further support but would hope that I would get someone as good as Sandy if I ever need the help again. Thanks

By Bob Ivey

This PC Booster works efficiently and I dont have any problems with it.

The service and support is good and I had no problems. The support people where also very nice.

By Jordan Milam

Best money I spent in a long time it's great.

My computer had gotten very slow and unresponsive. I took a chance with PC Booster and it is the best my computer has ever run. I can now enjoy surfing the internet and playing games thanks so much it was the best money I have spent.

By Elizabeth Powell

Excellent service.........very nice and patient

I am glad I found this service online. The tech support was amazing and they completely fixed my laptop to maximum settings. No more viruses in my cpu and the performance significantly improved. Thank you again.


By Raja Gulrajani

Service is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staff was very nice and patient with me.....would recommend this to everyone

By Angela Ciaravino

Great Service!

I had loads of malware and trojans on my computer, which made it run very slow. PC booster spent over 6 hours getting it right. Money well spent!

By Jean Koedel Wagner

I am a pain in the butt and technology challenged and they were so patient with me!!

They were able to figure out all the trouble and viruses that I had unknowingly downloaded to my computer. I was hardly able to pull up a website, it took FOREVER! My computer is one of my main sources of income because I work from home so all the bugs were not allowing me to get anything done!

All the support was great, it took a couple hours to fix it but it was well worth the time! I will recommended this to all of my friends!

Thank you so much!

By Amanda Haley-Johnston


I was very pleased with the service I received today. I feel it was very complete and expeditious. I had worked many hours on a project and was in danger of losing it. Trustpilot came through for me and will for you.

By Barbara Sojourner


I'm soooo thankful for PC. BOOSTER! Not only did they fix my computer completely, they did it so quickly that I was able to use it within an hour. (and my computer was chock full of malware and trojans). Prompt customer service.

By Elizabeth Grace Bryant

Very good work! Quick, and prompt. My computer is working fast again.

I could not figure out how to get my computer back up to standard again so I contacted PC booster's diagnostic since I had a year's contract with them and they quickly eliminated bugs, unnecessary files, and junk and restored it. I'm pleased with the service

By Stan Groman

OUTSTANDING service with very patient support people!

I was apprehensive when I started the process to clean up my computers. But the support person was very patient and explained what was needed. He did both of my computers at the same time! was fun to watch and I learned some things as he went through the process to clean up the mess that I had generated in my lap top.
This is a very helpful site and I will be recommending it to my friends.

Thanks a lot.
Michael McIlhattan

By Michael Mcilhattan

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