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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues


I absolutely recommend PCBooster for online computer repair and/or to speed it up. My experience with the company has been absolutely fantastic. I can't remember ever working with a company that's so dedicated to providing such excellent customer service. I live in the country and turned to online repair due to difficulty driving the distance to the city. My brother recommended PCBooster after reading a recommendation from one of the pc magazines. It was very helpful, and my trust developed, as I could watch the screen and follow everything that the technician was doing. My computer had many problems, one of which was that it kept shutting down while it was being worked on; hence it took many days for the work to be done. I'd call back after restarting the computer and anyone that I spoke to was always helpful and respectful. It was a huge bonus that I wasn't without my computer during the time that it wasn't being worked on. The most incredible experience was having only one technician assigned to work with me/my computer. My technician, Sam, was absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough great things about him. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, warm, and incredibly patient. It was as if I were talking to a friend. I was never given the impression that he was spending too much time for the price of the service. He deserves most of the credit for my being such a PCBooster fan. I'm recommending PCBooster to my friends.

By Joy Brown

Service with a smile !!!

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from PC booster and your engineer Peter. The problem with my computer was complicated and took a 3 hrs to resolve. It was 4-5 year old computer, now it's working much better. I am really satisfied with your program PC booster and remote service would recommend PC booster and your service to my friends and associates.

By Karen Isaak

Very savvy tech!

They worked with me at my convenience and did a great job, very professional and now my computer is working like new again!

By Rhonda Allen

Thanks for the hard work and commitment to fixing my PC.

I really appreciated the diligence. It took 3 days to fix and clean my PC and I could tell they were working hard. I do wish it could have been done quicker and that communication would have been a bit better. Overall I would definitely come back again if I have any more issues in the future. I feel like they wouldn't stop working until they were happy with the results and I was happy as well.

By Danielle

Good service

My computer was served and seems to be working much better now. I was just concerned about what was happening to my laptop because nobody was explaining to me the situation and what the people were doing to my laptop. I just felt I needed to go with it and say tuned in for any word on my laptop's situation. But it seems good now. Just the communication would be my biggest issue, other than that the team was on it and worked as quick as possible to get the job done.

By Diane Molandes

Excellent service !!!!!

My PC was badly infected but PC booster and support team fixed all. very happy with PC booster

By william DeLay

A good way to relieve frustration

My computer kept freezing and not acting right. I took my computer to a local computer repair man who did not fix a thing. I did a Google search and found PCBooster. I ordered the product and called support. They fixed my computer within a matter of hours. As soon as it was fixed I felt so relieved that my computer was working properly again. I'm very happy with my experience with PC Booster.

By Maddy

Very Helpful!!

The support person was very helpful. I don't ever remember my computer being this fast! Will tell my friends!

By Mary Mathis

Took some time, but got pc back online

Very helpfull, both Colin and Jennifer, the other one as well and they were very patient with me as I am no computer whiz. Was almost ready to buy a new pc but this is much cheaper alternative. Regards, Victor

By Victor

Work that went on for days

It took about 3 days for the techs to fix my pc. The last day that they worked on it, they worked all night long. It is now working. Thanks!

By Vanessa Zeno

Top notch computer experts with curtious, professional employees like Nancy Shur.

Nancy was do nice an understood that o was not computer savvy. She process takes some time and I started very late. Nancy let me go to bed and pick IP the tune up defraging the next evening. Thank you my PC is running much better and I will do my other PC soon. Best Regards to Nancy and PC Booster Jim

By James

Excellent Service

Nancy understood my problem. Took control of my computer, and solved problems that apparently were lingering for years. I highly recommend!

By Vic Owens

PC Booster saved my computer and brought it back to life!

I had a lot malware and trojans on my hard drive. Colin, the service specialist, remotely connected to my computer and cleaned everything up. He identified and deleted many unused programs that were just taking up space on the hard drive. He was very helpful and contentious and got my computer working much faster and without all the hassle of taking it to someplace else.

By Jack T.

We couldn't be happier with any other service!

Though the computer proved too problematic even for the company that made it, this company pulled through! We fully intend to use this company for any computers we buy in the future! The techs were superb and more than pleasant! We can't thank them enough.

By Sandra Garner

A great help and experience!

I was a little nervous at first just because I'm leery about purchasing things over the internet, but they made me feel secure and assured that I was talking with a live person that knew what they were doing! The process took a little long but it was all worth it as my computer immediately started working much much faster without any hiccups. I would surely recommend this to anyone that is having computer issues and need help! The one thing I would suggest to the company is to think about a monthly plan simply because that one amount is pretty difficult to swallow when your finances aren't as good as others! But Thank You Jennifer and Nancy you all were great!

By B. Reaves

Great Tech Support

I have been having problems with my laptop for a long time. I renewed PC Booster and bought a Microsoft Expert to help me. He spent many hours fixing my laptop until it worked great. I am really happy with the service and support I received!

By Joseph Hoffmann




Jennifer was Excellent and good knowledge of computer.

I can not explain express enough how pleased I am with the services of Jennifer.

Thank you PC booster

By Patty A Watson

Quite thorough and dedictaed

The tech support I received was prompt, thorough and efficient. The representative showed a mindset geared not only to fixing the problem I first raised but preventing any future issues my use may have encountered.

The rep asked precise probing questions and was enthusiastic about the work.

I was more than satisfied; I was pleased.

Anyone like this is an asset to any company and I believe would do well in any position granted them.

By Christopher Butler

Helped me a bunch

My problems were taken care of in a professional manner and completed timely.

By Wayne

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