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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues


When I first went to PC Booster they said there was an error so I went to chat...they said my pc was really messed up so I had to pay more for everything to get fixed....7 hours later I hope everything is fixed....I didn't know anything was wrong...!!!!Certainly hope my $$ was spent well...I guess cause I didn't know anything was wrong in the first place that I will never know!!!I It certainly took a very long time so hoping everything was fixed.

By Susan Turek Peterson

Great work on my PC

My PC was acting very sluggish and slow. Programs were very slow loading and i turned to PC Booster for help. The service technician communicated with me all the way through via on line chat and it was very successful. My PC is running like a champ now thanks to PC Booster. Well Done!!!

By William Douglas Snow


Your assistance in salvaging my computer was phenomenal! I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me tonight! You were very patient, professional and fast! Thanks again for your assistance! :D

By Kimberly Celeste Wilson

GREATEST thing ever.

My PC was running extremely slow and would crash often, until i finally got smart and got PC booster. The online tech was amazing and worked hard to help with the problems that I didn't understand. I highly recommend this product to everyone with a computer.

By Carrie Walker

Major issues and PC Booster cleared em all! True Believer best ever!

I have been a subscriber to PC Booster for about 2 years now, I ran my program like I do every night and had some issues :( PC Booster crashed it had never done this before. I clicked on get support and they were there with me immediately! They came in and fixed major issues, which I had no idea were there..... Worked on my computer for an hour almost and cleared up everything. I apparently adopted some "Malware" nasty nasty buggers :( Now I am clean and clear and Happy!! Thank You PC Booster I am a life time customer! Highly recommend PC Booster! The tech that helped me tonight is my Angel!

By Cathy Crowley-jonasson

When having difficulties with my computer they were very helpful with all of my questions and repaired my computer.

When having problems with a computer a would recommend pc booster any time they are very helpful and will take time to repair all that has gone wrong with the computer. if in the future i am having problem i will go to pc booster to have it checked out .

By Joy Draffen

The PC Tech for PC Boost was the BEST, my computer is running FAST with out any problems!

I would recommend PC Boost to anyone!!! I had to wait and wait to do anything on my computer. Now it is so fast, and the expert I had from PC Boost was so easy to work with. All I had to do is answer his questions, he did everything else for me. Best experience ever.

By Renita Rollie

This was an amazing improvement.

Your knowledge an expertise is amazing! Will tell my friends how well this worked

By Noel Blais

Very pleased with service it was timely and efficient

I was looking for assistance and when I found PCBooster it was fast and friendly. I was impressed with the cost and thoroughness of the service. Impressive job!

By Larry Smith

Didn't know I had so many problems, but everything was fixed!!

I thought that I was just going in for a "tune up", but I had lots of problems. The "experts" were extreamly helpful and knew just how to fix my problems. They trayed on the line (for serveral hours) until everything was fixed. I now have a 5 year old computer working like it is brand new

By Bill Palmer

I am so excited PC Booster came through and stuck with it til the job was done!

I would recommend PC Booster to anyone. There support staff saved my computer and now it is like new. I had so many issues that I thought I would have to purchase a new computer. Now after there team worked on it, it is like new. I am so happy with the services they have provided.

By Martha Ourania Naoum Ruben

My pc computer was running slow

I contacted your support analyst to assist me on it , and fixed it so it is not running slow , I was very pleased with there work very much , thank you

By Don Flora

That was really some kinda superhuman on the other side of my support chat.

AS I had finally come around to it i paid for something to fix my computer. My technician was very helpful and even explained to me how i could better my computer's life span, and by what he said save it from certain death. HE did those things for me and now my computer is free from viruses and other things that I dont understand but could had me stolen from and without my computer (and video games) for awhile .so thank you pc booster and pcsupport360 for saving my computer's life!

By Skylar Daniel Lininger

Very knowledgeable and efficient. Don't know why I didn't consult PC Booster sooner.

If I ever need help again I hope I get as good a tect. as PC Booster supplied.

By Jackie Moreau

Went above and beyond

my support assistant really went above and beyond for me. I haven't had my computer looked at for a few years and they made sure that things were running better than it has in a long time. Thanks again!

By Jason Bisbee

It was great just can say thank you so much every thing perfect

so perfect , i`m really happy

By Aida Basravi

Amazing help!

So many problems with this computer. The techs were amazing at keeping me informed as to what was going on. My computer has not ran like this since we bought it! I would definitely recommend them to friends!

By Randy Cole

Went above and beyond to fix my computer issues

My rep went above and beyond to fix the issues I had on my computer. They stuck around online with me to make sure it was running and doing what I needed it to do before logging off. Highly recommend this company!!!

By Belynda Hernandez

Great service and tech support

had great tech support and am very pleased with the service.

By Tiffany Hoff

Great Job!

Very helpful, my computer was very slow and i could no longer work from home on it and they worked on it for several hours and i am now up and running GREAT!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

By Tammy Stone

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