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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Your tchnician was very positive and solved all my issues in 1 application

James, my technician, cleared 790 potential virus from my computer. He was very nice, and walked me thru all application steps. Thank you James

By William R Hunnicutt

Good thing come to those who wait

The service was nice the tech was great he never left me alone with the problems at all like most online techs do pcbooster gets two thumbs up in my book.

By willie harris

Great results, but minor customer service rep attiude problem

My computer was very slow, it no longer connected to my WiFi at home right away, every time I would video chat- the process was so slow and/or would not function properly.

I found this company by Googling computer help. It seemed like they had great customer reviews and accuracy so I decided to test it out.

It took a VERY LONG time for them to complete all the problems I had with my computer. They even found out more issues that my computer had that I was unaware of before. It took approximately 4 hours, but that is understandable with the length and trouble my computer's condition was in.

The only flaw I see with this company, was the customer service seemed to have a little bit of an attitude when talking to you over the instant messaging system they use; which I deem as very unprofessional and in return makes me want to give an attitude right back.

Other than the minor attitude problems from the customer service reps, my overall experience was pretty excellent.

Reply from PC Booster

Thank you for your feedback. We very much appreciate it. We will use the feedback to improve training and communications skills.

I understand that live chat can sometimes appear impersonal. As a result, we have added toll-free support on 1-800 396 3811 so that you can speak to an analyst immediately

Thank you

By Tia

Service was very thorough and satisfactory

I contacted customer support to address PC performance issues. I was provided with very extensive support and as a result, my PC was not only optimized, but harmful infections were also removed as well. The entire experience was painless and I highly recommend this software.

By Ryan Lipsky


Yesterday 22 May I decided to try PC Boost as my PC was operating extremely slow. I had recently purchased a program from SpeedFighter to try to fix the problem, it was not successful. I was therefore a little wary about PC Boost being able to do anything better.

So when I contacted you, I explained my problem and that I had just tried a competitors program, I asked if PC Boost does not improve my computer speeds, would I get my money refunded. You answered yes. So I started the one time only plan. It became very clear PC Boost could improve my PC, on a trial basis it found a large number of errrors, and automatically corrected about 40 percent. The rest would be tackled when I signed up for the plan. Your technical expert named Brian, was assigned to me and it was clear he could further improve the speed of my PC.

I then decided that it would be better to sign up for the 2 year plan. Iunderstand I will be credited for the payment I made for the one time deal.

The work on my computer lasted over two hours and Brian had run over his shift time, he left the scanning of all my computer files on automatic and asked that I call back today 23 May so the problem could continue to be resolved and fixed.

When I contacted you I found I was working with a man called Victor Jenkins in New Delhi, India. His service continued what was started the day before.

I must comment on Victors services, I have never had such good support from any company. He worked on my computer for 7 hours, yes 7 hours. He had extreme patience and very good skills and did so much to my PC. Found many problems, and had me rerun disks and brought my computer nearly back to the fast new condition. He also cleaned up the mess on my desk top by minimizing icons, eliminating programs I no longer use and found a problem with one of my drivers, he fixed it. Victor Jenkins deserves much credit he is compedent, serious to solve problems and has a "can do attitude", he was a pleasure to work with. His ability to chat and explain what he was doing and when and where I could assist made what normally I consider a dreaded exercise, into a most interesting project, it took a long time but I did not mind I could see the progress he was making.

I must say the two days I was helped by your specialist are making me a supporter of your PC Boost plan, and I will recommend it to my friends.

Thank you for such good technology and most of all to your excellent specialist, Victor did what I consider above and beyond what was expected.

By Frank J Thomas

Very helpful and understanding

I was helped by Brian, James, and Colin and was pleasantly suprised at how kind and helpful all three were, a true rarity these days. they took time to askme about my problems and then took the time to help get my system back up and running properly.

By Ken Gregory

I give a five star

The technician was very nice to me and answered all my questions politely. My computer issues were resolved and the computer is running fast speed again. He was even nice enough to finsh the remote the next day and even called me back twice. I thank you for all the support. I would recommend your service to any one of my friends. Thank you!

By Lori Baldwin

Never stopped till fixed

Recommend anyone needing help no matter how computer illerate to use this and him to fix any computer problems. able to walk you thru the whole process thank you

By donald

Great service, friendly and immediate results!

Remote access should be terminated at this point!!

By Jim Fuglio

It was an outstanding experience!

I would recomend this process to anyone

By cheryl tindall

Very Helpfull and Kind

Brain was very helpfull in taking care of my computer problems and even though my coumputer was very infected and took many hours he was very patient. I would highly recommend PC Booster to any one who would like their Computer fixed with out having to take it in to some computer shop and have to wait a day or two. Even though it took some time to fix all the problems it was nice to have the comfort of being at home and see how and what was being fixed. Being able to talk to Brain at any time I needed him and he was always friendly and professional

By Shawn LaPlante


My pc was soooo slow but this has really rev'ed it up.

By Melanie

Excellent Service

My service technician was great. She covered areas in my system that I had not considered may be a problem area and turned out to be THE problem area. Thanks for the great service JENIFER!!

By michael bass

Excellent Service

Very professional and polite. A good job

By Albert Cavallaro

Great Job in Boosting PC

took a while to fix my PC, but the gentleman that helped me did an excellent job in both repairing and explaining what he was doing. Would recommend for future.

By Glenda S. Moore

Great help

He was knowledgeable and handled everything for me perfectly

By Kevin Clark

Satisfied with support

I had a repetitive problem after running PC Booster, so I contacted them for support. Used the online chat. Turned out that I had a lot of PC problems; they worked with me to analyze and diagnose, then provided me with competitively priced software to clean out malware and Trojans that McAfee apparently had not prevented.

By Lou Roepke

Good sevice

The work was very nice and walked me through it and showed me the problems.

By Steve

Worth every penny!

was nice to have everything fixed and not even have to drive and find someone else to fix everything. And to watch and ask questions and answered with easy explanations. I would have to recommend this to anyone who thinks their pc has issues.

By Bret Gibson

Fantastic service

Knoing very little about computers, my online agent talked me through every step, was very polite and kept me up to speed on everything he was doing and always asked permission if needed, great all round service

By steven wedge

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