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May include optional software to update your drivers. While drivers may be available from manufacturers' websites for free, Driver Booster eliminates the risk by identifying and downloading the correct driver for your hardware for an annual license of $29.97

Disclaimer: The testimonials are from unique client situations. Results are not typical and you may not experience the same level of performance increase. The program cannot fix performance problems related to failing computer components or electrical issues

Jennifer did a great job fixing the mess

It took awhile but it runs likes brand new thats what i wanted

By jerry

Sam did a wonderful job with my computer.

As i said . Sam did a wonderful job in helping me with my computer. I know if i ever have another problem I would be sure to come back to you for assistance.

By Sandra Stockwell

Very easy to use with great service.

Very easy to use with great service. The tech I spoke with (Nancy) was very helpful and very professional. No complaints here!

By Customer

Attention To Detail

Nancy was very attentive in resolving my computer problems. She was very professional and respect for my lack of computer knowledge. Nancy working on my computer allowed me to finish chores in the room. She was attentive of asking me before she made any major change to my computer. I would hope in the future that when you run a scan on your computer that it can also detect complex computer problems. I say Go Nancy

By Jacques Blemur

Out of many online supporters you all have the most brilliant and excellent service.

have tried many different software company's promising to fix and boost your PC , PC Booster is the first one that has promised to do what is said on their website, but at first I was struggling to understand it so I called the support (go to assist ) unlike other online support they were in no hurry, answered all my questions fixed all and want to stress the word "ALL" of my problems I was having, every issue I threw at them they seemed eager to help and even showed me how to do it if the need rises again .so from speeding my computer up to showing me how to do a back up of all my files , helped on uninstalling (which I was having some issues on ) . I may have been sitting here for quite a bit of time but it was very well worth it ,oh and he even helped me with my email (I haven"t been able to use it it had been hacked into ) so I could go on and on and on you definitely have a great personnel , I just hope if I have to call again I hope I am treated as well as I was today.

By Robin L. Bower

The greatest help anyone could ever ask for, first class repair of a messy computer.

The Assistant I had, Jennifer, spent hours working to sort out all the problems I had on my laptop. I am 68 yrs young and struggle with a lot of tech stuff but work from home doing lots of internet work which has been a lot to learn. I therefore had stuff on my laptop which I never knew was there, and some which I didn't know how to delete. Everything has been done wonderfully by Jennifer. What a diamond!

By Lynda Bell

They are the best one i had work with james

I had very good experence with PC Booster technician. They are very helpful and good in solving my slow pc problems. I had many techs in my past, james is the best one in my life and i would refer Pc Booster to everyone. Nice company with good experts & wonderful PC Booster program.

By ronaqld r gaines

Wow it really works

Pc booster is the way to go, its really works no joke

By morisha duckett

I am very pleased with the detail you go through

Although I haven't had much chance to run your program, I am very pleased with the assistance you provided in installing the program and getting my computer cleaned up. I look forward to a long relationship.

By Ray Pawloski

Computers can be extremely painful!

Hi! My computer is running much better, however not all issues have been fixed. I am able to use my computer and its works perfectly using an alternate browser from the one I've used for years. If I use the browser I've used for years my computer still freezes up and has many of the same issues it had originally. I am very grateful for be able to use my computer with the new browser so thank you very much!

By Customer

PC Booster saved my computer and my wallet.

PC Booster's support system analysts are top-notch and so knowledgeable in what they do. The support analyst, Victor, worked with me and answered every question I had for him. I didn't think anything could be done with my computer. It was so slow and always freezing up. I really couldn't afford a new or even a refurbished computer so I tried PC Booster. I am so very glad that I did. My computer runs effectively and efficiently and seems like a brand new computer. To think I was ready to get rid of it. Not only did PC Booster do what they said they would, but the support system is what makes it so great. Friendly yet extremely knowledgeable makes for a great support person. They were easy to reach and always available. Two thumbs up for PC Booster.

Rosemary Ann Bonacci

Superb support and service....!!!

The analyst here are the best of all.

I will really recommend them to all who have any sort of system issues. I believe they can fix all system issues. The fixed all my major issues of screen locking and screen size issues.

It all happened in just no time and my system is now much faster than before.

Thanks for PC booster support

By James Kalkes

Saved my computer from going out the front door!!!

I tried to order a PC Booster this AM and couldn't get to the pay page....I started on a live chat and was advised that my computer was in need of a lot of TLC.... I allowed access and went out for a while to return to it all being done, and so far it seemed to fix any of the major support analyst was very fast and competent.

By A.Dundas

Wow! This actually works!!! Great no more slow computer!

You should try this! I is wonderful. My new computer was so slow and I was beside myself: but now it works fast and so much easier.

By Gail

Ms. Jennifer Jen was truly outstanding and extremely comptent.

Ms. Jennifer Jen was the technical support expert that was provided to analyze and repair the software on my computer. She was truly outstanding in diagnosing the problems and resolving them. If everyone employed by Dell as a IT subject matter expert is an image of Ms. Jen, then you have the most efficient customer support service that is attainable. For Ms. Jen's supervisor three thing you need to consider: a BONUS; a Carribean vacation: or a promotion-----and if she was employed by my company------she would get them all.

By Michael A. Coogen, Sr. Major USA (Ret)
Medical Service Corps


I had thousands of pc problems and Jennifer was patient and knowledgeable enough to fix them all.....luv it !!

By Joan Nyberg





This was my first experience doing something like this and WOW was it totally worth it. I didn't have to leave the house, spend days in total frustration trying to figure out what to, take time out to take it somewhere else and have them try and sell me a whole bunch of crap that they think I needed to have on the computer that probably was never necessary. This couldn't have happened at the worst time for me but you saved, I'm sure, a lot of money. Your technician Jennifer Jen is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. She had the knowledge and know how to do this and was top notch at everything. She had an answer right away for all of my questions and I'm sure I had a lot of them. I can't wait for my husband and boys to get back on the computer, so they can say how amazing it works and how it is so much better than it was before; kind of like back when we first got it. THIS GIRL of yours is amazing and again saved me a lot of frustration and time that I didn't have to begin with. When I try something new like this and get the wonderful results that I did you can be guarenteed that you will get referral business from me. I have a big mouth and the gift to gab about the things I love that save me time and money.

Keep up the great work.

By Patty Yantes

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

I purchased the PC Booster software to help my system run better, faster, more efficiently because I knew my computer was not acting normal. I started a chat with Victor, a professional representative and he provided support and made sure to go far and beyond expectations. Victor went the extra mile to make sure my system performance was restored to its best while providing great customer service.

I would recommend this to all my friends and family.

By Dr. Javier Reyes

Very helpful and efficient job by Jennifer!

Would recommend anyone dealing with a slow or virus infected PC to go through these guys! Great customer service and efficiency! Jennifer did an excellent job!

By Bo

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