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Make Your PC Faster, More Reliable, Energy Efficient and Longer Lived

Data fragmentation is an invisible threat to your PC that erodes the performance of your PC. Over time, it can slow your PC and shorten its lifespan. As your disk fills up and free space is fragmented, system response time can get slower.

This can mean lost productivity and increase help desk/ admin costs with extended downtime or the premature replacement of hardware to solve the problem. If left unresolved, it may lead to potential loss of data such as irreplaceable photos, videos, music, files and financial records.

Disk Booster is able to rescue your system from these harmful effects of disk defragmentation running silently in the background. Disk Booster is an effective solution able to run on your command and prevent fragmentation before it happens allowing you to work faster and play harder!

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Prevent file fragmentation before its too late if your PC shows
signs of the following:-
  • Excessive disk activity
  • Files taking longer than normal to open
  • Slow application launches
  • Slow boot up or shutdown
  • System Freezes

Eliminate Fragmentation Before It Happens And Maximize System Performance

  • Optimizes File system
  • Extremely Fast fragmentation engine
  • Automatic Defrag - Set and Forget
  • Consolidate free space
  • Fragshield moves critical files to the fastest part of the disk for peak PC performance
  • Low Memory Footprint won;t slow your PC
  • Defrags all drives and USB thumb drives

Improve Productivity and PC Performance

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Improve Productivity and PC Performance

1. Download Disk Booster
Scan your PC to find system clutter

2. Scan and Defrag
Optimize file systems for reduced seek times and rotational delay for faster PC performance

3. Enjoy a Safer Computer!
Lets you work faster and play harder, extend the life of your PC and saves time

I would recommend PC Booster to anyone. There support staff saved my computer and now it is like new. I had so many issues that I thought I would have to purchase a new computer. Now after there team worked on it, it is like new. I am so happy with the services they have provided.
- Martha Ourania Naoum Ruben

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