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Disk Booster is a comprehensive and effective disk defragmentation tool for delivering improved PC performance. The program works silently in the background to eliminate the invisible threat of fragmentation on your PC. It restructures broken or fractured files into contiguous spaces to reduce read-write delay and seek times. This directly translates into faster PC start-up times, shorter delays in launching demanding applications and faster data storage and retrieval.

Smart Defrag Engine Disk Booster features a smart disk defragmentation engine. This powerful tool can re-organize frequently access files in one continuous block and to the fastest part of your hard-drive. This improves hard-disk read and write speeds, as well the responsiveness of demanding applications such as games and multimedia.

Fast Fragmentation Disk Booster works behind the scenes, its light, fast and has a small CPU and memory footprint, and runs much faster than other defragmenters.

Consolidate Free Space Disk Booster can consolidate free space and optimize regularly accessed files such as Windows boot file to boost your PC performance/

Auto Defrag Automatically defrags your hard drive when your PC is idle, allowing you to work on your PC, surf the Internet or play games uninterrupted.

Frag Shield Disk Booster's Fragmentation Shield moves the operating system files to the fastest part of the disk to ensure peak PC performance. This ensures fast loading times and optimum performance for your day-to-day activities.

Flexible Scheduler Fragmentation is best done on a regular basis. Disk Booster allows you to choose when to schedule depending on your needs. You can set the idle period before defrag should occur.

Multi-pass Secure Shredder Disk Booster exceeds military grade data shredding technology (NSA, DoD DoD 5220.22-M) to permanently delete confidential data , secure erase your Recycle bin and shred any free space on your hard-drive to prevent unauthorized access

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