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PC Booster Scam Alert – Nigerian Advance Fee Scam

“Nigerian Advance Fee” is another type of scam that commonly occurs nowadays. This scam is often referred to as the “Nigerian 419 scam”; a scam which is already around for quite some times and still continuously do its operation up to this present moment to cheat those innocent computer users with its high paying job offers.

On this type of online scam, the user who is their victim often receives an email message or letters coming from a remote scammer. The common content of the letter or email says that he is in an emergency situation and needs your immediate help. On the email message, the scammer usually claims to be a bank employee or a government official who has a huge amount of money but can’t send it directly to his account because of some technical issues. On the email, the scammer will then ask for the personal information of the victim including their bank account information. The fraudster will now try to convince the user to give his or her bank details by offering them with a big amount of money as a sort of commission if the transferring of funds was completely done. Scammers may even send the victim with numerous fake documents to fully convince them that the transaction was legitimate and that they are a true government official or bank employee that can be trusted anytime.

Once the victim was finally lured the scam still doesn’t end there; in fact, that was just the start. The end result of this scam is that the scammer was able to take the victims money from their bank accounts and left the victim without getting the money that was promised earlier.

This Nigerian Advance Fee scams have continuously duping people for a long time and getting the hard-earned money of their victim. The main goal of PC Booster scam alert is to make clients aware of this kind of online scam for them to get rid of these transactions and save themselves from becoming a victim.

Precautionary Measures

  • Never revert or believe to whatsoever lucrative offers that you may encounter while using the Internet especially those that promises you to generate thousands of money without even working on it
  • Never accept any offer that will request you to get the money on their behalf
  • Never disclose any for your personal information to anyone especially to the strangers