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PC Booster Fraud Alerts – Fraudulent Job Offers

Most probably, Internet users nowadays are becoming aware about the numerous tricks of most scammers, who will always try to do their best just to get your confidential details and personal information. Because of this, scammers are also looking for new ways and new techniques on how they can deceive users to fall on their trap and steal their money and other resources. Among the newest tricks used by most scammers to trick their victim is this “Fraudulent Job Offers”. Most of us are aware that Internet now becomes a very essential medium often used by most job seekers to find for their dream job. Scammers on the other hand are seeing this as their best chance to prey this users with their best job offer, but is fake in nature.

Fraud Email Job Offers

With this kind of scam, the user may receive an email message coming from a well-known company offering you with high income job offer saying that your resume was included on the short-listed applicants and that the company wants to offer you the said high paying job. Generally, they will offer their victims with home-based job that comes with a very huge salary. Once the user was lured to the job offer, scammers will then try to collect all the personal details of the victim such as the date of birth, bank account numbers, or SSS account numbers. The scammer will then ask their victim with their bank account numbers and password telling the victim that the company will going to transfer the payment online. Once the scammers get the details that they need from their victim, they will then monitor the accounts and all its activities. Once they found out that you have a certain amount of money on the account, it will then take the entire amount immediately without even knowing it.

Stuffing Envelope

With this kind of job scam, people were being offered with some easy job like stuffing envelopes and will convinced the victim that they can easily earn money from the job. Any user who will agree and take the job offer will then ask to pay some sort of registration fees to register on their website and start doing the job. Once the payment has been made, the scammer will then take that money while the victim still never gets his job. Instead of getting the stuffing job, the scammer will convinced the user once again to convince any other people to apply for the same job offer, so that the scammer can take money again from the registration fees.

PC Booster wants to protect our valued client from all these scams and frauds. Our goal is to educate our clients and make them aware of all the most recent scams online so that they won’t become a victim or lose their valued money. Now, PC Booster will try to provide you with tips on what specific steps that they need to do to get rid of all these fake job offers.

What Precautionary Measures They Can Do?

  • Do not reply or trust any unknown email messages or letters related to job opportunities
  • Assess first whether or not you applied for the said job offer that you received
  • Never trust any company who is offering you with a certain job or claiming to get some unreasonable profits
  • Check also if the job offer is in-lined with your field of experience
  • If the company employer is telling you to send them money even before you started your work, then that is a fake job offer
  • Never reveal your confidential details and personal information to other person