PC Booster Review: Receives Its First Virus Bulletin (VB100) Award

London, UK, 5st April 2011 – PC Booster today announced that it had received its first VB100 Award from the latest Virus Bulletin Comparative review.


PC Booster today announced that it had been awarded a VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, a widely recognized industry authority dedicated to comparative testing of anti-virus products. The award was given in recognition of PC Booster’s ability to detect viruses in the wild as a reliable and proven solution


“PC Booster anti-virus has been completely re-engineered to provide a fast and low memory footprint on today’s demanding operating system. By it design its provides a high level of protection without slowing a computer down” says Taylor


“We are very proud of the team behind PC Booster’s anti-virus. The award recognizes PC Booster in elite but community of security vendors with certified solutions.”


Users can obtain a free unrestricted 30-day trial at http://pcbooster.com/solutions/av-booster

For additional information about PC Booster and its products contact Ash Morgan, PC Booster, +44 207 993 6238, [email protected]

Learn more about PC Booster’s test comparative http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/vendor?id=101

About PC Booster

PC Booster is dedicated to providing award winning solutions to solve common day everyday PC problems. It helps computer users to secure, protect and fix their PCs. They combine it with expert hands-on tech support to provide a personal level of care.

PC Booster has its roots firmly in on-site PC installations, migrations and repair for small and medium sizes businesses. In an effort to save money, many SMBs try to do everything themselves, get distracted and waste valuable time away from their core business. PC Booster liberates businesses and users by taking the sting out of PC repair.

PC Booster is a Certified Silver Microsoft Partner and an Intel Premier Partner. It runs a dedicated Tech Support. For more details call +1 800 396 3811