About PC Booster's registry cleaner

The registry is a hidden area of your Windows operating system where everyday program store information about preferences, hardware, software, drivers, users and other critical data in order to run successfully. Over time, the registry can become cluttered with obsolete entries from repeated use of your PC and the incorrect removal or installation of the programs. This can slow your PC's performance down, cause computer crashes or unwanted error messages.

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PC Booster's registry cleaner identifies, removes obsolete or repairs any unnecessary or corrupted entries using a sophisticated high-performance detection algorithm. It accurately identifies issues in the registry without the false positives commonly associated with 'dubious' or 'aggressive' registry cleaners. The benefits of cleaning your registry with PC Booster include a more stable system and improved system performance.

How do I perform a scan of my PC registry?

Click "Smart Scan" on the main menu and then review the selections that are available in the scan settings. Make sure the scan for "System Registry and Integrity" is selected. Once the scan is complete, you can choose to repair the issues found in your registry by clicking 'Repair Now.' Or you can a more detailed view of the results by clicking on each of the scan sections to expand the results. PC Booster will make a backup of each item before any repairs are made.

What gets scanned?

Software Locations - PC Booster scans the location where specified software applications are installed on your PC. These entries are created by each software application at the time of installation. PC Booster repairs entries that are not valid or no longer present at the specified locations in the registry.

Registry Integrity - PC Booster scans critical Windows shell folder entries including folders such as My Documents, Favorites, Profiles, and more. PC Booster repairs Windows shell folders that are not valid or no longer present at the specified locations in the registry.

Windows Fonts - PC Booster scans the Windows operating system fonts that have been installed in the fonts folder. PC Booster repairs entries which reference fonts that no longer exist in the Windows fonts folder.

Help and Resources - PC Booster scans the location of legacy help files that are registered in the registry as per Windows standards. If the help files are missing, it can generate errors when attempting to access them. PC Booster repairs invalid help files that do not or no longer exist in the locations specified on your computer.

Shared DLLs - PC Booster scans shared DLL files which are shared by multiple programs. If a DLL does not exist, it can generate system errors when a program or multiple programs attempts to locate it. PC Booster repairs shared DLL entries that are not valid or no longer present at the specified locations in your computer.

Startup Programs - PC Booster scan the programs that set to start up during the Windows boot process. Invalid or programs that no longer exist in the locations specified can cause system error and slow boot-up of your PC. PC Booster repairs Startup items that not valid or no longer present in your computer.

Add/Remove Programs - PC Booster scans your computer for software that has been incorrectly installed or uninstalled. PC Booster repairs invalid or orphaned references in the Add/ Remove program list on your computer.

Virtual Devices - PC Booster scans virtual devices that have been registered on the system. PC Booster repairs invalid virtual drivers that no longer present at the specified locations in your system.

File Extensions - PC Booster scans the methods by which Windows recognizes files extension type such as photos, videos, spreadsheets or Word documents. PC Booster repairs Windows file extensions that are not valid or no longer associated with the program installed on your PC. Windows uninstallers typically may remove an application but leave its file extensions in place. Invalid file extensions can cause system errors when Windows attempts to open an invalid or non-existent application to open the file.

Shortcuts - PC Booster will scan your entire PC in order to locate any shortcuts that are no longer valid either because the application to which they are pointing to is no longer installed or has been moved.

Deep Scan - PC Booster scans other area of the registry not covered by the above categories. It uses a sophisticated and complex algorithm to hunt down issues nested deep in the Windows registry.

Custom Controls - PC Booster scans custom controls that are created by applications when they are first installed. PC Booster repairs any invalid custom controls in the registry that are invalid or no longer present in the system.

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