About System Tweaks/ PC Tune Up

PC Booster's Tune up services optimizes your PC's performance and provides better start-up times by turning off non-essential Windows services. This helps accelerate your computer and improve system performance.

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About the Settings

Don't clear paging file on shutdown: - The paging file is a hidden area on your hard-drive that performs as an extension of your PC's memory. This virtual memory is used when your PC is short of physical RAM. Whenever you shutdown, this file is normally deleted but increases the time before shut-down can take place. By disabling this feature, it will speed up shutdown and the file will be overwritten the next time you boot your PC. If you working with highly secure data, we recommend this function is not disabled.

Reduce Menu Delay: PC Booster will speed up your Start Menu's performance by eliminating the default built-in delay by Windows

Disable Indexing Services: By default your Windows crawls through your files to create an index which it stores in memory. This can significantly take up system memory and consume other valuable system resources. PC Booster can disable this feature and significantly speed up your PC.

Disable Search for Network printers / files: When browsing or saving files, Windows Explorer can slow down, searching for network printers and files.. PC Booster can turn this process off and improve Windows performance.

Reduce Visual Effects: This optional tool switches off Windows visual enhancements effects on your computer. We recommend switching off visual effects if you have performance issues or don't have sufficient memory such as 2GB RAM. This will switch off the Aero feature in Windows 7 and Vista. So while the Windows interface may not look as attractive as before, PC performance should improve.

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