About Disk Performance Issues

PC Booster removes unused files from your system allowing your PC to run faster. It identifies hidden junk files and other temporary files that are no longer needed by Windows but can clog up your system. and waste valuable disk space. With PC Booster you can reclaim valuable disk space and keep your PC less fragmented.

  • Identify and eliminate many different file types that are not needed
  • Eliminate old application files and programs that are no longer useful
  • Removes temporary internet files that are simply taking up valuable space
  • Increase available hard disk space and creates a more efficient processing environment

You can perform a full system analysis and optimization task in a matter of minutes, and your PC will be back up and running efficiently and effectively.

Over time Windows becomes clogged with all types of clutter, driving down your PC's speed, wasting hard drive space and creating an inefficient environment.

PC Booster removes hundreds of redundant Windows update junk files, internet tracks and irrelevant installer remnants, boosting your PC's efficiency and speed

Using the Disk Cleaner

You can opt to have PC Booster perform the disk cleaning step for you during the system scan. Simply click Scan Settings > Disk clean to configure the settings for the disk cleanup process. When the disk clean process is run, a number of sections of your PC will be optimized in order to provide better overall system performance.

What gets cleaned?

Windows Temp Files: Temporary files created by Windows and other programs.

Current User Temp: temp files stored by programs used by the current user.

Recent Document Folder history: list of recently access files and documents

Find/Search Folder history: list of recently searched items

ChkDisk Fragments: lost file fragments found during a scan for disk errors.

Clipboard content: items saved to clipboard.

Run history: list of recently programs or windows commands.

Windows Recycle Bin: items of the recycle bin marked for deletion.

Memory Dump files: dump files generated at the time of system crashes.

Office Temp Files: history stored by Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Setup Temp files: temp files created and discarded from the installation of programs.

Java Cache: temp java cache files used by Java programs

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