About Smart Scan

PC Booster's Smart Scan is the starting point for the program. It integrates over a dozen diagnostic, repair and optimization tools with one click. With Smart Scan, you don't need to be a computer expert - simply let PC Booster do the work for you to identify why your PC may not be optimized or running slow

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It includes tools to:

  • Optimize your PC's performance
  • Clean invalid files and registry entries
  • Protect your identity and security
  • Fix annoying Windows errors
  • Clean up system clutter and your hard-disc
  • Increase the speed of programs and games


To get started, click on 'Smart Scan' on the menu. PC Booster will scan various sections to computer to identify areas that can be cleaned, repaired and optimized. Once the scan is complete, you can explore and learn more about the issues found. PC Booster makes a complete backup before any repairs are made


Once you have viewed results, simply click on "Repair Now" and PC Booster will automatically proceed with the repairs.


PC Booster is completely safe, but just as a precaution a registry backup is created every time you run a scan so that it can be restored if anything were to happen. To restore any back-up, simply select the Restore tab in PC Booster, select the last restore point and select 'Restore'

What are the key benefits?

PC Booster has been designed with complete ease, effectiveness and simplicity in mind, by placing your needs first. Here is what you will get with PC Booster:

  • Customizes Windows to meet your need
  • Makes your PC easier to use every day
  • Improves PC performance
  • Displays a summary of your PC's health at a glance
  • All backed up with live remote support at no extra cost

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