Identifying The Common Causes Of Slow PC Performance

You may have noticed that as the years have gone by, your computer has slowed down drastically and no longer performs the way it used to. There is a general misconception and a widely held view that is this inevitable and cannot be avoided.

What has happened to your computer over the years has nothing to do with the natural life of the computer and it certainly has nothing to do with how old your computer is. A reformat, while time consuming and not easy for even ‘savvy’ computer users can restore its performance. Instead, something has happened to your PC to cause this slow down, and in many cases the slow performance you are experiencing has to do with clutter and fault settings that are the result of everyday PC use.

Why Has Your Computer Slowed Down?

As the years go by and you use your computer more and more, there are many different factors that can degrade your computer’s performance.

The majority of these issues are known issues and PC Booster is able to resolve them in order to make your PC run faster. However, there are some issues that have recently been discovered and have not yet been addresses. These issues will also be addressed as new versions of PC Booster become available.

These issues are very critical and must be addressed if you wish to have your PC running in the most efficient and effective way possible. By focusing on these issues, PC booster will be able to eliminate the common problems that you experience on a day to day basis and provide you with a more stable working environment.

Similar to a car, without regular check-up & maintenance, errors begin to accumulate on your PC which cause slow start up, crashes and even potential system failure

Program Misalignment

As you use your PC more and more, you may find that certain programs no longer work the way they used to, and that they take longer to open or may not open at all. You might also find yourself constantly dealing with these programs crashing which can be very frustrating.

This is usually due in part to the fact that as time goes by the installation files or other files that are critical to the operation of these programs get moved or removed completely. When this occurs it takes longer for Windows to locate and process files and commands associated with these programs which decreases your PC’s processing efficiency.

The answer to fixing these problems is PC Booster, which can be used to realign the files associated with these programs so that they are stored in a much more convenient, compact, and effective manner in order to increase processing time associated with these programs. When you use PC Booster to eliminate inefficiencies in these programs, you will see an overall increase in performance.

Slow Windows Start-up Times

You may also have noticed that your computer doesn’t boot up as fast as it used to and it can take minutes for Windows to fully load to the point where you can finally use your PC. I am sure you will agree that this can be frustrating! You might even experience random errors during Windows startup from time to time.

The issue with slow Windows startup times has to do with a number of things including the fact that you may have programs and process that are included in the Windows start-up process that really are not needed. These programs and services are therefore causing slowdowns in the entire process because they are eating up critical CPU resources that could be used by more important programs and processes.

PC Booster can be used to optimize the Windows startup process on your PC by identifying and eliminating programs and processes that do not need to run during this time. This helps to free up valuable CPU resources and improve the Windows startup times.

Redundant or Unnecessary Installed Programs

Many users experience slow PC speed and increased response times with their computer as time goes by, and it seems to be particularly noticeable when they are running multiple programs at any given time.

When you have a lot of programs running, your PC has to work extra hard to process all of the information that comes from those programs. So naturally you are going to have increased processing time. The issue comes when programs are installed, and along with those programs sometimes comes unnecessary functionality that eats CPU resources and decreases efficiency.

PC Booster can help eliminate the usage of programs that do not need to be running automatically on your PC, thus increasing PC performance and efficiency. This program allows you to select the programs that you feel are necessary and which ones you feel do not need to be running. When you eliminate programs from startup or at other critical times, you free up CPU resources for other programs. This can eliminate bottlenecks and reduces errors.

Mismatched Internet Settings

When you find yourself waiting for your internet to load, or cannot seem to get your online gaming session to run smoothly, or you have issues with your high speed connection which would normally be running very smoothly and quickly, you might have issues with your internet settings that need to be adjusted.

There are certain configuration settings within Windows that have a direct effect on the performance of your internet connection and if you’re seeing the types of issues mentioned above, then there may be an issue with these settings that needs to be addressed. You may find that the factory default connections for your internet configuration are just not doing the job. If this is the case you’ll want to make adjustments to those configurations to allow for the most optimal conditions for your internet connection which will boost your overall performance. PC Booster’s Internet Booster can address these issues and can max out your Internet speeds.

Registry Errors

Over time you may begin to notice certain errors or issues occurring in your PC that negatively affect the performance that you would normally see. These types of errors might include random system shutdowns, freeze ups, unexplained Windows application errors, and more.

The issues could very well be in your Windows registry, which is perhaps the most important component of your PC because it houses all of the data related to preference settings, application settings, configuration settings, hardware settings, and a whole lot more critical information. When this information becomes corrupt or invalid, then you will begin to see the types of errors that were listed above, and you will notice a decrease in system performance.

PC Booster can help eliminate registry errors and get your PC back to good working order. How? This software is capable of performing very detailed scans of your registry to identify potential problem areas that might exist. It will remove invalid references as well as key values that are no longer in use. PC Booster can also remove any malicious software that might have made its way onto your PC with you even knowing it.

Disk Fragmentation

If your computer is slowing down more and more each day and failing to respond to your commands in a reasonable amount of time (meaning seconds, not minutes), then you might want to check for an unnecessary amount of fragmentation on your hard drives which would slow down processing in your PC. If programs are taking longer and longer to open, this could very well be what you are experiencing.

Registry Fragmentation

As you use your PC day in and day out, the registry will take on new information and it will expand in size over the usable life of the PC. Because data is constantly changing, new values are being added and old values are being removed. When old values are removed the empty space still exists. This empty space is still technically contributing to the overall size of the registry. Defragmentation process can eliminate empty spaces like this, thus decreasing the size of the registry and increasing registry processing speed. While defragmenting can be beneficial, its implementation itself can have risks

First defragmentation should not place in a Windows session, which most programs do and can cause more problems. The second, registry fragmentation needs to take place before a PC boots-up. This can be a considerable inconvenience to business users and all users alike who need to get into work quickly and not wait around while the computer fragments the registry before boot-up of a PC. In addition, registry fragmentation and compaction is too risky and time consuming to be done in a Windows session and offers marginal performance benefit.

File Clutter

This issue can also contribute to poor PC responsiveness and can add to the frustration that you experience when you have a slow PC. Temporary files will be left scattered throughout your PC from internet browsers and programs that fail to clean up their temporary files when they have completed. This results in wasted space and uses up valuable system resources that your PC could be using to perform other critical system activities.

PC Booster can help eliminate these types of problems by identifying and eliminating the types of files that would be considered clutter.

Quick and Easy Ways to Restore Your PC Performance

PC Booster is significantly different and more effective than one-size fits all ‘utility’ or cleaner type products.