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A firewall is a program designed to guard incoming and outgoing connections to the Internet. Its usually part of an Internet suite or security programs. While most firewall programs self-configure themselves or learn from your online activity, they may prevent PC Booster from connecting to our servers for live updates or to verify your registration serial number.

A firewall may ask your permission if a program needs or attempts to connect to the Internet. In order for PC Booster to activate or download updates, you must grant it access to the Internet through your firewall.

Note: In some cases, temporarily disabling a firewall does not stop all of its function and it may still prevent applications such as PC Booster from connecting to the Internet.

Which firewall program are you using?

Not Sure? Step 1

If you unsure which firewall program you have, you can check by completing
the following steps

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

(Windows Vista/ 7) Click the Windows icon, and select Control Panel.
(Windows XP) Open the Windows Start Menu, and select Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel, open the Windows Security Center.

(Windows Vista/7 ) Under the Security header, click Check this computer's

This should tell you which security/ firewall program you have.

Not Sure? Step 2

If you are still unsure of which firewall program you have, you can use a tool
called Enum Process.

This application detects all firewall programs.

1) Download and Enum Process to your desktop

2) After downloading, locate and execute EnumProcess.exe

3) In the drop-down menu to the right, select Simple.

4) Click on the list of processes. This will have details of any firewall
program, if any, running on your computer



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