How do I whitelist and quarantine my files or folders?

Please press the Scan tab on the program, and then select either whitelist of quarantine options. From there you can either add files or folders to any whitelist that you wish to exclude from scanning. Alternatively you can quarantine any file or folder by selecting the Quarantine option.

All files that have been immunized by AV Booster can be managed from the Quarantine section. These files are not deleted from your computer, but are in quarantine and cannot harm your system. If you feel these files have inadvertently caught by AV Booster, you can unblock them from this console and they will be removed from quarantine. Please select the file and press Restore. Any selected file will then be returned to its original location in your hard-drive.

If your question has still not been answered then please submit your query to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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