Don’t Be Tricked With Online Money Launderers

Email message sent to different product providers and companies asking the recipient to send them back a message containing the details of products available with views for further orders.

Short Analysis

This kind of email is also a part of what experts called “money laundering” scam. The moment the recipient of the said email also send reply to the sender along with the details of the requested information, the scammers will now place orders and will also request the recipient to pay through credit cards. The scammers will ask you to send payment higher than the price agreed. They will then request you to wire the additional amount of payment for “shipping agent” or another third party individual. The credit card used for the said transaction will now be stolen. This kind of scheme is just a way of converting proceeds of crime to untraceable amount of money.

Detailed Analysis

Businesses who used to sell items online are the ones who often receive email messages with this scheme. Scammers often regard themselves as interested customers and will usually ask more information regarding a particular item which they offer. The message usually contains request about the pricing details as well as the payment option.

Although some of these emails may also be real customer enquiries. But, most of them serve as an opening gambit to money laundering scam.

When the vendor replies to scam messages like this giving the requested details, scammers will now place their orders using emails. They will then ask you to pay the order with your credit card. Usually, the orders are quite convoluted and complex. Scammers will now insist of dealing directly to the vendor itself instead of making the transaction with the ordering system used by the vendor online.

What comes next is that scammers will now instruct you to pay with an extra amount than the exact amount of orders since the vendors will need that extra amount for paying the courier service or the “shipping agent”.

After that, they will then make excuses on why they can’t pay the shipping charges directly. And if the vendor doesn’t agree with the additional fee and send it to its delivery agent, the scammers will now threat you of withdrawing back your orders. They will now convince you to just send the shipping payment through money transfer services like Western Union. But their ultimate goal here is to convert the funds from the stolen cards to untraceable cash.