What Is Network Transfer Speed?

I recently bought a NAS (network attached storage) device from Synology, connected it up to my network and started transferring files. The first thing I noticed was how slow the network transfer speed was. I was copying over some large video files and it was taking forever! I decided to check the transfer speed between my NAS and PC to see the rate the transfer.

I downloaded a program called LAN Speed Test, which had gotten some excellent reviews, and tried it out. Sure enough, my transfer speed was less than 1 MB/s! Note that is megabytes per second, not megabits per second. I’ll go into more detail on Mbps vs MBps and all that fun stuff. After doing some research, I figured out what I was doing wrong and eventually got the transfer rate up to a super speedy 40 MB/s! Technically, you can only get that speed if you’re using gigabit ethernet. I’ll explain more about that below too.

LAN Data Rate Units

First, let’s get the numbers clear. There is standard 100 Mbps ethernet, which is what most people have at home. 100 Mbps is 100 megabits per second. That is translated into 12.5 megabytes per second (MBps or MB/s). It’s much easier to convert to MBs since that is something we are all familiar with rather than bits. This means that if you don’t have a gigabit router and gigabit network card on your computers or NAS, the maximum speed you’ll be able to transfer a file across your home network is 12.5 MBps.

Also, in the real world, it’s impossible to actually get that theoretical maximum. You’ll probably end up somewhere around 4 to 8 MBps. If you are getting something really low like 1 MBps or less, there are reasons for that which I will mention below. Note that even if your computer has a gigabit ethernet card, you won’t get that higher transfer speed unless all the devices that the data is being transmitted through support gigabit.

If you have a gigabit ethernet card on your computer, your router or switch is gigabit and the receiving device also has a gigabit ethernet card, your max transfer speed jumps to a whopping 1000 Mbps or 125 MBps. Again, you won’t get that theoretical speed, but you should be getting anywhere from 30 to 60 MBps depending on the type of files you are transferring and your network setup. Let’s go into more details about that.

Transfer Speed Depends on What?

So as we mentioned above, network transfer speed depends on the type of ethernet you have on your network, but that’s not the only factor. There are several other factors that determine your final transfer speed between two devices.

Hard Drive Speed

One major limiting factor is the hard drive speed. If you have a computer with a 5400 RPM, your transfer rate will be a lot slower than if you have two SSD drives in a RAID 0 configurations! How so? Well, it depends. I’ve heard of some friends getting close to 100 MB/s using some pretty insane setups. On my network, even with gigabit ethernet, I only get around 40 MB/s. One of those reasons is because I have slower hard drives.



PC Booster Tips: The Best Way To Scan For Presence Of Computer Keyloggers

One major factor that contributes to the complete growth of this identity theft is the harmful keyloggers software program.  Keyloggers are among the malicious software that infects most computer system worldwide by simply via the Internet. This malicious software program have the ability to steal anything just like your credit card account numbers, passwords, usernames, bank account numbers, and even some of your confidential email information.

If in case you suspect that these harmful threats are already taking place inside your computer system, then you have to immediately look for ways to perhaps confirm the presence of the software program and finally prevent it from continuously perform its spying operation or erase it completely out from your computer system.

Keyloggers software program are quite similar to most regular programs and applications that you can see inside your system. Maybe the only difference between keyloggers and any other program is the ability of this keyloggers to hide their selves by posing like one of the legitimate and regular tools in your computer. This ability makes them difficult to identify because they can even skip an ordinary scanning procedure. What you need to really detect their presence is to search into your computer processes deeper to recognize and find them.

To detect the presence of keyloggers even better, there are numerous tools and programs like anti-spyware, anti-virus, or anti-keylogger tools that you can use to make the scanning job easier. These tools are readily available on the web which is also produce by the legitimate software manufacturers and developers. Oftentimes, these tools are also posted on the main web pages of those software manufacturers so any user can also get the tools from there. Doing a personal research about these tools may also help you locate the required tools to start with the scanning procedure.

After locating the right keyloggers tool that fits your needs, the next thing that you to do next is to simply download and install your chosen anti-spyware, anti-virus, or anti-keylogger tool on your computer system and run the tools after the installation process is already done. Most Trojan horses and keyloggers used by hackers today were already included in the virus definition file available. Most of these tools are commercially available but there are also some of them that were offered to their users for free.

These tools can scan your infected computer to determine the real cause of infection, like if your system is infected by a virus, a spyware, or keyloggers.  If in case the software detects any presence of keyloggers which is installed inside your system. It will then remove the malicious software that is threatening your system for identity theft and stolen account information.  You can also install firewall in your system as this tool can also help you recognize keyloggers inside your PC. These firewalls will also inform you if a third party individual is trying to access and enter your system by sending you alerts about the impending threat. However, when using any of these available tools that will detect the presence of infections and threats, be sure that you use the most recent or updated version of the tool.

Chromebook Outsells iPad

Remember when iPad promised their avid users to deliver a revolution most especially in the field of education? Well, those days are not far anymore because of the technological advancement we had today. However, many schools and colleges have found out that the tablet from Apple is not that useful lie what they hope for. Its missing keyboards, price, and a very strict operating interface have become the primary roadblocks despite of the innate intuitiveness of the device.


Chromebook solves all these problems. In fact, according to the latest report from the International Data Corporation, Google have sold over 715,500 Chromebook units to various schools during the 3rd quarter of the recent year. That would be 25% of the total education market while the Apple iPad sold over 702,000 to educators on the same quarter.

Although it’s a bit exciting but this is not a coup. Chromebooks are not from Google but rather, it was made by OEMs, that’s why the search engine giant (Google) is not making any money from the device directly. Still, the target education could become the foothold which can be used by the company to further endorse the Chrome Operating System. Those students who learned to use the Chrome OS will become more comfortable when they want to purchase a computer device for their own use.

The share of Google is lesser than the share of Apple if Macbooks were added to the mix. It’s a way behind the conventional notebooks from Windows which now becomes more affordable. Microsoft on the other hand, threatens Google by including 1 year of free MS Office 365 in most inexpensive operating systems like HP Stream and Acer Switch.

It will be more interesting if this trajectory will continue. Our analysis for Chromebook few years back forms a mixed image. While capable and inexpensive on the basic level, the Chrome operating system falls short compared to Windows when it comes to overall software compatibility and functionality. Google now has a better chance to threaten both Microsoft and Apple, however an update schedule is also needed to keep the momentum balanced.

The internet on my new computer is slower than on my old computer’s.

The internet connection on a new computer can be slowed down by either the internet connection itself or by having too many software run at once. You should on a few places to fix this.

I have a new desktop computer and I have noticed that opening websites is slower on this one than on my previous XP PC. My new computer contains all the programs that my old one had. I just transferred the very same things. The only thing new is probably Microsoft Office. What’s slowing down my internet connection? Could it be the Microsoft Office? Another thing that’s new is the AMD Catalyst Control Center that came preinstalled. I have Windows 8 and I didn’t have this on Windows XP. Please tell me what this programs is or and if it is essential or not. If it’s not important, how can I uninstall it? Thanks!

Internet access on new PC

There are a few things that come to mind upon reading your case.

Comparing your old computer to your new one is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are so different based on their hardware.

Supposedly, the newer computer would have a faster internet connection compared to the old computer, given that they both are connected to the same internet connection because it has a faster processor, a faster disk and an overall better hardware and features.

The internet connection factor

The internet connection should be the determining factor whether you have a fast internet browsing experience or not and not the computer itself.

A few things that you should consider in this case:

One is if you are connecting both computers to the internet. They are forced to share and divide the internet connection between them thus slowing down either one or both.

If your two computers are doing something on the internet all at the same time then they will also become slower.

Usually, the things that you do on the internet should not affect either one of your computers significantly. It will only affect the connection if one is doing some heavy task such as a download or a Microsoft Update. These actions could be the cause of a slower internet connection.

Pre-installed software

Because you mentioned that this happens on your new computer, there’s one more thing that could be causing it to have a slower internet connection.

It isn’t surprising for new computers to come without some of the essential software that should have been pre-installed.

Generally, having too much stuff run all at the same time on your computer affects its overall performance. If this is the case for you, I’m afraid I don’t have a single solution since the proper solution differs from one computer to another based on their manufacturer and make.

The Software

If I were in your shoes, I would do exactly what you are doing; analyze every software that’s on the machine and uninstall those that you don’t need or don’t want.

Software that’s installed on your PC but are not running should not affect anything. In your case, that’s Microsoft Office. Having it or not having it on your PC should not make any difference. We can eliminate Microsoft Office to be the factor why you are having a slower internet connection.

What could be affecting the speed of your internet is the software that’s running while you are experiencing the issue.

If you don’t mind downloading and installing one more software, I would suggest you to get the Process Explorer. This program will be able to show you the different programs on your computer and which ones are hogging the different resources and affecting all the others. It is possible that one program requires too many resources in order for it to run and is making everything else slow down.

That’s not all the possible factors though. It could also be that the hard disk has some issues or it is simply slower than the hard disk on your old computer. While that’s a possibility, I doubt that it is the case for you.

So I would like to ask you to check on the software that’s installed on your PC and the one that’s running while you are experiencing the issues that you are talking about.

Catalyst Control

You wanted to know more about the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

The AMD Catalyst Control Center is a software that’s designed specifically for the video card. The video card on your computer is using an underlying technology from AMD. The Catalyst Control Center on the other hand is a software that enables you to configure, play around with and control the different characteristics of the video card.

I have it on my own machine and I suggest that you leave it alone.

This is not a performance hog issue. This case should not affect much of anything. Especially not the internet performance of your computer nor the overall performance. It’s a simple useful utility that allows you to manipulate the more advanced settings on the video display of your PC.

Different browser

Since you are running on Windows 8, I reckon you have Internet Explorer 10. I suggest that you try using it to see if you still have the same problem.

You can also go for Firefox or Google Chrome. Try using them and see if your internet connection is still slower. The internet should be faster on one of three browsers.

Last Man in the HP Pretexting Scandal

Hewlett-Packard was once one of the top companies in the world but a series of scandals have taken a toll on their reputation. Since then, they have plummeted down with no signs of getting back up yet. The last man in the final chapter of the pretexting scandal Bryan Wagner is set to be sentenced for Nov 1 after almost 6 years of delay. But because this has taken such a long time, the judge has scheduled an update and the sentencing will now have to be postponed for another time. Wagner has declined to comment on this story development.

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Luftrausers is Living the Gaming Potential

During last weekend’ Fantastic Arcade event, the Most Fantastic game award was handed over to Hotline Miami. However, what caught my attention was the Luftrausers by the Vlambeers who’s making some shattering waves in the arcade gaming world.

It is the best arcade game since the Vlambeer had made some alterations and upgrades in which they have showcased on the game’s demonstration. The version  they showed created random and multiple portion of a plane, though the real game allows you to have the engines unlocked, as well as the bodies, guns and even construct their very own automobiles.

Luftrausers is a suitable continuation of Vlambeers’ game plans as it also explores the enigmatic Super Create Box Game where this banks more on the blend of continuous unlocking schemes and more explosives, which surely will get the players addicted.

Luftrausers will be out on all the MAC and computers later this year. It’s just high time to start creating those arcade cabinet a home, which we’re sure you’ve been dying to try out.

Microsoft Might Possibly Face Charges from Windows 7’s Lack of “Browser Options”

Microsoft has launched Windows’s default browser, the Internet Explorer. Though caused some arguments, this led to a spin of antagonism in the browser market. Consequently, the European Union proposed that it should be Windows 7’s browser, and so this should result to IE being installed on  system by all its users.

But, Microsoft dropped this when it updated the OS along with service pack 1, and where handed to nearly 28 million users as manual! And so fundamentally, to make it more straightforward these users were basically rubbed off the chance to choose the browser of their liking when they were handed out with the copy.

This is clearly a lapse of judgment on Microsoft’s side, which was reported on the European Commission. The commission is now taking the necessary measures on the matter. Eventually, Microsoft made an apology and stated it was a consequence, which the company only learned about.

But this matter isn’t something that the European Competition Commissioner won’t put consider lightly. If in any case that the Commission proclaims any penalty over Microsoft, the company might have to pay up an astounding damage of $7.37 billion.

Coming Next Week, AMD Trinity Desktop Chip that Claims to be at Par with Core i5 in a Price Parallel with i3 Price

In the industry, if you’re one of the underdogs you always need to look for innovative and creative ideas to stand out. This was fortunately the case for the latest orientation to journalists the other day in London. The context give in the information was about the capacity of Trinity A10-5800K, which is at par with the Core i5 with the HD 4000 graphics, however, its price tag levels with the Intel Core i3. Although, the official announcement of Trinity’s price won’t be out unless the A4, A6, A8 and A10 processors are made available in the market, but Newegg doled out some leaks about the A10 pricing that should be around $130. Unfortunately, Trinity will need another device for users to purchase since it specifically supports the Socket FM2 motherboard.

For the meantime, let’s all be content with the previews since we’ll have to wait until a week or two this October for the full reviews and insight on the website. Check out the video in More Coverage especially if you need more in-depth knowledge about Intel chips. As you can see, those hardcore gamers won’t really turn their head on graphic cards with more discrete capacity alongside with the other performances aside from gaming, which in fact is much more related to the APU-powered system). However, the quad-core A10-5800K actually offers a wider array of entertainments on an HTPC that’s lower on power or the all-in-one suit. Unlike the AMD, core i5 has a higher cost thus its often left out in the shelves. A K-denoted Intel chip is being charged highly by the company itself. These should be all for now but we’ll surely add more preview once they’re made available.

Update: Recently supplied the preview by HotHardware‘s, which yields that the A10 actually offering what our video here suggested, aside from giving a customarily smooth computing experience. As discussed, though, it’s unmanageable to dole out a final verdict until the AMD permits sites to publish the entire benchmarks the week after.

US Court Declares “Substances Resemblance” Among Yeti Town and Triple Town

Finally, the legal case between two competitive people, Spry Fox, the developer of Triple Town and 6waves as the developer of Yeti Town, is about to move onward. The case started after a copyright infringement was filed by Spry Fox against the Yeti Town developer. Gamasutra reported that the US Court actually had their favor over the former. Not long enough after the case was filed, 6waves actually made a dismissal motion case in which recently the court has ignored.

The court pointed out that the copyright from SpryFox case provides no other kind of monopoly on the idea. And so whatever might the step for each party might be, it is Spry Fox who has made a viable alleged substantial resemblance over Yeti Town and Triple Town.

With 6waves’ wave to dismiss has been denied, there will only be things that this case might end up: go to court or will be settled externally.

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Heavily Discounted for Dance Central DLC

For a very limited period, Dance Central DLC can be bought for a price tag that’s slashed off tremendously. It’s jam-packed with a lot of percentages and tracks that will surely get you in the moves. It’s equipped with Microsoft’s points of up to 1500 down to a minimum of 250 while the singles are around 160 Microsoft points apiece, that’s around $2.

Dance Central 3 will support the entire DLC, where it advanced some access onto the retail stores in the 16th of October. Get the review about the entire list of tracks being discounted at the Dance Central website.

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