Nintendo Land for Single Players

Nintendo Land seemed to be build for multiplayer games. And if you do not do too well in playing with others or just is not up for tough competition, this might not work for you. And it really did not for some time, until Nintendo as finally acknowledge this by letting up go hands-on with in-game events. Now there are a number events that will perfectly work for solo play. It might not exactly justify such a purchase but it gives a package some use when there are no other players to compete with.

Of these solo events, two games that actually are very fun to play with are Balloon Trip and Yoshi’s Fruit Cart. There are such good games that there is a fair chance that they will be packaged in the future as standalone files, and they’d be a big hit. There is also the Fruit Cart that can take you back to those days of early Nintendo DS. However, the chance of this game flying solo in the future is rather low, especially that you can get a similar game for iOS for less than a dollar. Another solo game is Balloon Trip Breeze, which is somewhat like a recreation of the NES Classic Balloon Fight, along with catchy music.

Ultimately, in the end, Nintendo Land offers yet another collection of minigames. So after 6 years of playing Nintendo Wii games and finally growing tired of their offerings, they new collection might not do a great job of changing your mind about the game console’s value. But, then again, when compared to Wii Sports, Nintendo land does offer games that only require a single player to have fun. And when you are like these people who have trouble playing with their peers, then perhaps this is a better pick for you.

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